Morning Quiet
This Beautiful Piece is By Alice P Jenkins

A single piece of artwork can transform any room or area in your home from being neutral to electrifying and highly personal however, several people feel intimidated when it comes to buying paintings. Before you become too excited and rush to the nearest art gallery to swipe your credit card, take a minute to think about your objective while buying original art. People tend to buy paintings for all kinds of reasons, which is why you need to determine what your reason is for buying original art. For instance buying a painting for somebody would mean creating a focal point for their living room, or they want to complement their interior design with a certain themed artwork, or simply because of their love for artwork created by a certain artists.

Southern Butterly
This Captivating Piece of Artwork is Courtesy Paresh Nrshinga

People generally have the habit of doing research and comparing markets before they buy a product, they feel nervous when they are unable to apply the same technique in the art market. Thus, it is even more important to buy from a reputable art gallery or website that has conducted all the research on your behalf. Here are some tips to consider when buying original art:

The Spirit Guide
An Intriguing Art Piece by Michelle Knowles

1. Have Confidence
Everyone differs from each other because different things interest different people, their style, taste, personality and viewpoint also differ. This is why it doesn’t take a genius to understand art, take time out to understand it on your own. Visit art galleries, see the different pieces of artwork at display, and see which piece ignites emotions within you. Speak to the gallery owners and online sites who are well-equipped with necessary expertise and knowledge to guide you and help you make the right selection.

2. Start When You Are Ready
Don’t rush yourself into buying original art and remember there is no ‘right’ time for buying it. There are people who design homes entirely around the artwork whereas there are others who buy original art that fits into the existing space. Both work! When it comes to understanding and appreciating art, listen to your heart because in order to make the right selection, a piece of artwork should be able to trigger emotions, which will influence you to make the purchase. Avoid buying artwork just because it’s going to gain value, remember you are going to have to live with it which makes it even more important that you absolutely love it.

3. Establish a Budget
Don’t be misled by the myth that expensive art is supposed to be good and valuable. It doesn’t matter if you buy something that’s worth £100 or £1000 you will definitely find great artwork at both prices. When deciding what to buy although you need to listen to your heart but let your mind take some points too especially when it concerns the budget. If you want to buy a collective piece then you will need to be clever about so that you can stretch your budget accordingly. Selecting individual pieces of art can be considered as an affordable alternative.

4. Try Before You Buy
Search for galleries and online sites that will allow you to try artwork in your home first. This way you will have a much better understanding of which type of art goes well with your decor. Don’t be fooled by size because the walls at the gallery are different from the walls in your home and art seems to shrink once hung on walls in a home.

5. Look for Emerging Artists
Many upcoming artists are surfacing the art market therefore, it is best to look out for them because initially their artwork will be low priced. As their pieces of art acclaim recognition and increased demand, they hike the prices.

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