Road Home by Pete Rumney

The festive bug has spread across the nation as high streets are filled with Christmas shoppers, puddings are prepped with generous helpings of brandy and households are adorning their trees with tinsel. However, while this season excites many people others are not as quick to get into the festive spirit, shying away from the garish home decoration styles that are synonymous with this time of year. Online art gallery, Art2Arts reveals its huge collection of winter paintings, offering chic Christmas décor that provides the perfect antidote to ugly accessories this year.

With new work uploaded to its platform daily, the breath-taking scenes of winter inspires the community of artists at Art2Arts and as a result, many popular names are now adding to their online collections with snow-fuelled, seasonal pieces.  Switching the paintings hung around a home to those depicting festive subjects can be a subtle but sophisticated way to get any home ready for the holiday season this year.

Michelle Gibbs, Director at Art2Arts commented, “Many embrace the inevitable tackiness that comes with Christmas décor but there are others who, understandably, don’t want to live in a home with garish and unsightly ornaments. Investing in a small collection of winter paintings can evoke the same sense of magic in a more understated way. With multiple pictures of a similar, snowy theme a home can be injected with Christmas spirit, but once the season is over each piece can also be enjoyed individually, all year round, making them worthwhile, long-lasting purchases for the home.”

Part of the sense of magic that is so synonymous with Christmas comes from the wonder and excitement experienced by young children at this time of year. Let It Snow by Kaye Lake captures this perfectly in her heart-warming portrait of a girl, fascinated by the flakes of snow that fall gently into her hand. Rather than a figurative piece, Magic Waits – A Snowy Landscape by Gill Bustamante features a natural landscape as the subject, nevertheless, it suggests a similar sense of charm, enchantment and nostalgia.

Where Gill Bustamante paints warming, cheery scenes, Mid-Winter Sunset by Elizabeth Williams is a dramatic offering presenting the alternative, mysterious side of the season that occurs once night falls. This intensity is replicated by Stag in the Snow, with the power of the mighty Stag injecting energy into the Scottish winter landscape.

With so much original art to choose from and new pieces uploaded daily, any home regardless of style or colour scheme can find the perfect winter-inspired paintings for sale to use as Christmas décor.

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