If art and design plays a big part in your life it can be strange to think about your children experiencing the world in any other way. Whether you love to browse our range of oil paintings for sale to add your collection, or if you are a professional that uses our art gallery platform to sell your artwork online, encouraging creativity in your children at an early age can be a great way to share a passion for craft art and design for years to come.

As well as being a hobby or even a future career, developing an interest in appreciating and creating art when young can help to build skills that will help your children in later life such as self-expression, logical thinking , tolerance and of course, creativity. We have explored the notion of art as providing more than just a decorative purpose in our blog, so this news comes to no surprise to us here at Art2Arts.

If your child is showing signs of being a creative soul, here are our top 5 paintings for sale that could help to inspire the artistic flair within your loved one!

Scruff – Fluffy Dog Soft Toy: Jane Denton

Scruff-Fluffy Dog Soft Toy

Every child will own a soft toy that is cherished like a dear friend, and we can think of no better subject for a child’s first painting than their favourite playmate! Your child will love creating an image of their much-loved toy to hang on their wall and as this model will sit still for much longer than a fidgeting person, it won’t be hard to capture the true personality of your children’s cuddly friend.

Gypsy Circus: Mervyn Tay Abstracts

Gypsy Circus

Showing your children abstract art can be a great introduction to art and design: the vibrant colours and stylised brush strokes create an energy of excitement and fun for your child to enjoy. Allowing your children to let loose on a piece of paper with paints, chalks or pastels in their favourite colour, with no rules other than that they need to make marks can help to remove any fear or worry your child may have with creating pieces of art, helping to pave the way for future art projects in more intricate styles to come.

Rising Moon: Hannah Adamaszek

Rising Moon

At over a metre tall and a metre wide, this is one of our large paintings for sale! It will be impossible for any child not to be enchanted by the impact that such a large painting can have on a person, especially in this magical piece featuring a mystical, fantasy creature. Making a piece of a similar size with your child is a great way to turn producing pieces of art into an incredibly exciting project!