Water Lilies by Monet, Turner’s seascapes or Paul Signac’s Setting Sun, Sardine Fishing; we are all familiar with those artworks and the famous artists who painted them, but what do they have in common apart from their notoriety? They all feature water in some shape or form and they all suggest tranquillity. Even though we can admire most of them only in museums, there are many contemporary artists that capture water on their canvas and turn it into a relaxing artwork that can be admired in our own home.

Original artwork by Art2Arts artist Julia Everett.
Across the Ocean by Julia Everett

Water paintings are popular for artists, collectors, interior designer and occasional buyers because of their calming effect on the viewer and their versatility for our décor. Such paintings are challenging for the artists to paint and throughout the decades their creativity diversified from accurately capturing its surface to using various mediums that suggest its fluidity. Deep and shallow water, calm water and rough waves, reflected images and underwater rocks, realistic images and impressionistic ones – these are just a few instances of this natural element, waiting out there to be painted and then admired.

Whether a traditional painting, with each and every brush stroke and shade of blue capturing the water in the most realistic way or an abstract painting where colour and texture intermingle freely leaving the title to suggest the idea of it, water paintings could be great additions to any room. Rustic interiors, modern living rooms, quirky bedrooms and ocean coloured bathrooms, they could all benefit from a tranquil artwork featuring a seascape, a beach scene or an abstract composition.

Seascapes with Sandra Francis and Karen Smith

Winter Peace, Mysterious Moonlight and Quiet Morning (Sandra Francis) or Haven, Coastal Harmony and Sunset Serenade (Karen Smith) are just a few titles of water paintings that suggest tranquillity and are available at Art2Arts.

Sandra Francis’ work is inspired by the coastal views of the Isle of Wight where she lives, but she also paints from her imagination, reiterating her childhood memories from where the artist lived in Africa. Her oil seascapes have a distinctive style and they are popular with collectors all over the world.

Winter Peace
Winter Peace by Sandra Francis

Karen Smith’s tranquil artworks featuring the sea are available in various colour combinations to suit any interior be that your home or your office.  They have a contemporary look and feel achieved through clean lines, subtle shades and graduated tints.

Haven by Karen Smith

Abstract artworks suggesting water

By definition, abstract means a total or partial departure from reality and such artworks suggest the idea of water through colour, composition, texture and title. Water Lily and Water Music 3 by the Art2Arts’ artist Rachel McCullock are just two examples among other relaxing artworks on the same theme. Abstract art looks good in a modern interior as well as in a marine themed one, for example.

Water Music
Water Music 3 by Rachel McCullock

Colours like blue, green, and turquoise with hints of purple, orange and sand will complement cool or neutral coloured interiors. A relaxing artwork placed in the focal point of a room, will help you unbend at the end of a hard day.

Water is mysterious and subtle, suggesting creative flow and emotion. A water painting brings a piece of the natural world in your room while creating harmony for a cosy ambiance.

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