If your better half is a lover of art, then a new piece to adorn their walls makes an excellent choice for a Valentine’s Day gift.

In this blog, we’ll be looking at some of the latest artists to join the Art2Arts family and will be offering a little inspiration on the latest artworks available to purchase online just in time for the most romantic day of the year.


Tiffany Budd


The 3 Koi by Tiffany Budd
The 3 Koi by Tiffany Budd

Using vibrant acrylic colours on canvas, our artist Tiffany Budd focuses her artistic talents on wildlife in order to create striking pieces that will illuminate any wall.

Perfect for offices, hallways and living areas, The 3 Koi provides a rainbow of colours that is sure to enliven even the darkest of spaces and perfectly captures the slow and serene movement of the fish making it an ideal present for art and nature lovers that prefer bold colours.


Silvie Tupa


Snowdrops by  Silvie Tupa
Snowdrops by Silvie Tupa


If your partner has a love of all things nature and doesn’t have a great deal of wall space available, then Snowdrops could be the gift you’ve been looking for.

Just 7.5 x 7.5 inches, this watercolour on paper shows the beauty and delicacy of these welcome spring flowers as they bloom into life and would be suitable for stairways, kitchens and even bedrooms.


Roma Mountjoy


Eternity by Roma Mountjoy
Eternity by Roma Mountjoy


The aptly named Eternity from Roma Mountjoy is a triumph of brooding skies, rugged mountains and majestic trees created in grey and mauve tones that will inspire landscape lovers.

Complete with a dreamy quality, this semi-abstract work uses earthy tones to invite the viewer into the piece and uses water to reflect the dramatic sky above.

Complete with a certificate of authenticity, this piece can also be purchased using our 0% finance option to help spread the cost.


Monika Luniak


The Old Romance by Monika Luniak
The Old Romance by Monika Luniak

Timeless and full of dramatic texture, The Old Romance by artist Monika Luniak is an oil on canvas piece created using a palette knife that gives movement and depth to the breaking waves and seabirds that frame this powerful artwork.

You can feel the emotion conveyed in this piece, with a sense of longing for an absent lover making it an ideal gift for Valentine’s Day. The colour scheme uses plenty of natural tones too, which means that it would be a perfect piece for homes with a neutral colour palette that could use a little extra interest and texture.