Sapphire Breeze I by Paresh Nrshinga

There’s no denying that a well-selected piece of oversized artwork certainly packs a punch and can create a much-needed focal point for any room, but you do need to be careful what you buy for your latest artwork addition to really look the part.

Before you place an order for a piece of oversized artwork, here are a few things that you’ll need to consider.


Measuring up

Oversized artwork looks great on large walls with plenty of space to ‘frame’ the piece, so it is essential that you measure any wall that you are thinking of using for your latest purchase before you place your order.

A good general rule of thumb for space surrounding a hung piece of artwork is the three-eighths rule. As an example, a blank wall that is 240 inches wide requires a painting that is around 88 inches wide, so it doesn’t look out of place.


Serene Tranquillity by Richard Young
Serene Tranquillity by Richard Young

Safe hanging

Oversized artwork looks great, but it can often be fairly weighty and require sturdy hooks and picture wire in order for it to be successfully hung without damaging the plaster in your walls.

Before you place your order, find out exactly how heavy the piece you are interested in is as this will give you a good indication on the items you will need to affix it safely and securely to the wall.


Changing décor

If like many homeowners in the UK, you like to refresh your home décor every few years, you’ll need to consider storage if your oversized piece no longer suits your interior design style. Storing larger pieces at home can be tricky as lofts are subject to fluctuations in both temperature and humidity. This can cause damage to canvasses, so make sure that you are able and willing to find a storage area or storage unit large enough to keep your artwork safe.


Ferocious Dragon by Reda Ishak
Ferocious Dragon by Reda Ishak

Choose a piece that speaks to you

Buying a larger piece of artwork usually means making a greater financial investment, so it is crucial that the piece resonates with you and is something that you will enjoy looking at every day for the foreseeable future.

Choose a style or subject that speaks to you individually rather than something that you choose merely because you consider it to be on-trend and you’ll have an oversized piece that you will be able to enjoy for many years to come.