A recent report by The European Fine Art Foundation (TEFAF) revealed the success of the online art market last month, and as we celebrate our tenth year online this news couldn’t come at a better time for us at Art2Arts!

With so many people buying artwork online last year, it grew by 7% for a total $4.7 billion in trade during 2015. Sales of artwork purchased online now represents 7% of overall art sales which although doesn’t sound like much, it is an increase of 1% from last year!

Coinciding with the boom in online retail worldwide, these statistics relating to the art sector will surely rise, but why?

Easier route of entry

As human interactions are partaking from screen to screen rather than person to person, any individual can have more confidence when not faced with intimidating scenarios. Those who may feel put off by conventional gallery spaces, or even by the art world as a whole can safely browse a huge range of artwork online, to find that there are artworks available that are perfect for them in both style, and budget. By removing the barrier often experienced in the physical process of buying art, more buyers will embrace this more appealing route of entry for buying new artwork.

More accessible pricing

Just as much as heading online has increased accessibility to art physically, the lack of overheads to be covered when selling any product online means that prices can be set to be much more competitive. With cheaper prices, many more people are also able to enjoy buying and hanging paintings in their home.

Original artwork found with ease

If abstract oil paintings are your favourite kind of artwork, then you can easily search for the term on any online art galleries website to pull up exactly what you love, in a matter of moments. Thanks to the searchable factor of the internet, virtual art galleries can house hundreds of paintings in a range of niche styles, just waiting to be discovered by the perfect buyer.

Feel-good spending

Gone are the days of thoughtless purchases, as more and more consumers now strive to spend their money wisely. Online art galleries often operate on a peer-to-peer process, as we do here at Art2Arts. This means that customers can be sure that the artist who created their piece of original art can keep a larger amount of what was paid for it, making it a better platform for the artist to sell artwork online on, as well as for art lovers who like to trade fair.