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Mervyn Tay Abstracts

Based in United Kingdom
Mervyn is a self-taught, self-representing artist. He has been creating art in various forms since an early age, but has had no formal training or education in fine arts. Mervyn's distinctive paintings emphasises on bold, vibrant colours. Initially dabbling in abstract art, his style of works have developed over his painting career and is largely inspired by his surroundings and travels. Mervyn's current works are a hybrid of abstract humour primarily focusing on his obsession with sheep and current affairs. From there, he has gone on to experiment in pop art bringing in his personality and influenced of British humour onto his canvas. Mervyn's works can be found in numerous private and corporate collections throughout the United Kingdom and internationally. Born 1983 in Singapore, he now lives and paints professionally as a full-time artist in Manchester. "A big part of my inspiration comes from the natural surroundings and through my travels. I am constantly on the go! I love walking through the buzzing souks and smelling the aromas in the stale air. I love listening to the sounds unheard of in a place completely alien to me. I love the diversity of cultures, beliefs and traditions which has created this wonderful world we live in. Most of all, I love the fact that I have all these memories to keep" *To Canvas* "In my studio, I am creating a free flow of ideas, thoughts and emotions, narrated in an abstraction in which colours and shapes randomly collide. My canvas is like a toy to me, extremely personal yet universally relevant to the human journey. I dabble in modern abstract images which are often received through inner vision and self-conflict expression. In this journey through expressionism, I have discovered my artistic style and philosophy. I have chosen primarily pure abstract expression as it allows individual viewers to reach inside themselves for their own inner response to the work. This way, I have created an emotional response without even being specific. I am entirely self-taught"

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