Original Art London

London is a hotbed for new, young artists developing their talents. There are many galleries displaying their work, but for you as an art lover, it can be time consuming to keep up with the latest developments. Much of London’s most progressive work is displayed off the beaten track, and can be hard to discover unless you know where to look. At our online gallery, however, you can view cutting edge original work from some London’s hottest artists, all in one place, at the click of a mouse.

Art2Arts offer one of the largest ranges of original art in London, embracing every style and genre. Our pages are full of unique works by both young and established artists. If you are looking for original art from London, then there is no better place to start your search.
The arts scene in London spans the whole city. In the affluent and traditional west, especially Cork Street, long-established galleries tout high-end work. West London is also where the big public galleries reside – the Tate Britain, The National Gallery, and The RWA, with its well-known summer exhibition.
The cutting edge of the London arts scene migrates eastwards as rents in previously run-down areas rise beyond the reach of young emerging practitioners. In the 80s and 90s, the more east-central areas of Shoreditch and Hoxton were home to many avant-garde warehouses and studios, whereas now the area is far more established, featuring offices and commercial galleries, including the White Cube, made famous by Damein Hirst and the Young British Artist movement in the 1990s.
Nowadays, industrial Hackney Wick, further east, is home to temporary galleries, and artists’ warehouses, along with extensive street art and graffiti. Even outside these main areas, though, you’ll find original and unique art being created and displayed thorough London. The city is home to over 60,000 artists, and as such, there are established galleries in every area, along with temporary, hard-to-find exhibitions in empty shops, old industrial buildings, and even people’s front rooms.
Our aim at Art2Arts is to provide the biggest range possible and to give artists the chance to showcase and sell their work, no matter whether it is experimental, avant-garde, or traditional. You no longer need to wear out your shoes visiting London’s multitude of galleries to find original art. Just browse the thousands of works in our online gallery.