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Finding Perfect Paintings for Sale on Art2Arts 


Welcome to the updated Art2Arts website. Here you will find a wide range of affordable original art and buy paintings online from some of the UK’s top artists. We pride ourselves on our exclusive selection of artwork, much of which is personally sourced by the Art2Arts founder Michelle Gibbs. You will not find any mass-produced prints here. All of the original artwork is carefully selected and merited on its unique qualities.

Here at Art2Arts we showcase all different styles of art from abstract paintings and figurative art, to landscape art, photography and wildlife paintings. We truly believe that we have something to cater to all tastes. If you are looking to find the perfect painting for your home or even your work place, we are confident you will be pleased with our fine selection.



The perfect painting

What you define as the perfect painting for your home or business will be completely different from the next person and that’s the beauty of art; it means something different to everyone. It is likely that you will have a particular style of art in mind, however if you are unsure, we have thousands of original paintings on our site for you to browse through to give you inspiration.


Narrowing down your choice

On our ‘Shop for Art’ page you will find that there are pages and pages of original artwork for you to browse. However, we understand that you may already have a particular artist or style of artwork in mind, so we have created a ‘Shop By’ filter to make it easy for you to locate your desired artwork as quickly as possible.


A world of choice here at Art2Arts



Art2Arts offers a fine selection of both original artwork and limited edition original prints from some of the UK’s best artists. Use the category filter to narrow down your search and help you locate the perfect painting. Choose from paintings, drawings, collage, mixed media and sculpture work.


Love cityscapes, you'll love Art2Arts



Have you got an idea of what you would like your new artwork to feature? We are sure you will find just what you are looking for on our subject list. All of the artwork subjects are listed alphabetically to help make finding the perfect paintings for sale much easier for our clients.



Most people favour specific styles of art over others. Our artists specialise in a wide range of styles, from abstract to art deco, impressionism, pop art and illustration. No matter what style of art you are looking for, we are certain that you will find it here on the Art2Arts website.



Are you a fan of watercolour paintings or do you prefer something a little more contemporary like photography or spray paint? Use the medium filter on our Shop For Art page to find the perfect painting to suit your requirements.


Lots of watercolour art at Art2Arts



If you have a set budget in mind for your perfect painting, use the price filter to narrow down your choice. We source work from a wide range of UK artists and are therefore able to cater to all budgets.



We stock original art in various different sizes from small to extra large. Use the measurements featured below as a guideline:

  • Small: < 16 inches
  • Medium: 16 – 30 inches
  • Large: 30 – 48 inches
  • Extra Large: > 48 inches



As well as coming in a wide range of different sizes, our original artwork also varies in orientation. Choose from landscape, portrait or square, depending on your preference and available wall space.



Are you looking for artwork of a specific colour to go with the décor of a particular room? Use the colour function to narrow down your search for the perfect painting.



Do you love purple? We have the painting for you



Some of our artwork is framed, others require frames to be bought separately and some do not require framing at all.



As we previously mentioned, all of the art featured on our website is 100% original. Use the availability function to narrow down your selection of artwork to either one off / ready to send or made to order. Please note that if you buy a ‘made to order’ painting, the delivery time will vary from one artist to the next.


Buying your perfect painting

Once you have located the perfect painting on the Art2Arts website, simply add it to your online shopping cart. From there you will be able to complete the secure checkout process and organise the delivery of your painting. We offer free UK delivery on all orders and also ship internationally (prices set by artists). Customers can also register with Art2Arts so they can build wishlists featuring their favourite pieces from our collection to buy at a later date.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

With thousands of original paintings, illustrations, digital prints and photographs to choose from, Art2Arts will ensure you find the perfect artwork, whether you are buying it for your home, business or as a gift for someone else. We update our art website on a daily basis, striving to provide the best selection of artwork to customers both in the UK and worldwide.