What to do when receiving a sale

 Step One: Log into your account and view your order


Step Two: Acknowledge your order (this tells us you have received it)

Please note: if you are shipping the same day as you received the order you can skip this step.


Step Three: When you ship the artwork add the Carrier (e.g. www.interparcel.com / DHL) and tracking ID and click 'Create Shipment'

please note: you can not add a comment at the same time as adding tracking details or it will not save.

To Print

Please print the PDF invoice and certificate of authenticy and include with the artwork (no other documentation is to be included)


Made to Order Art & Adding Notes

If you need to add a note about an order you can do so here, this will come to Art2Arts only. If the artwork is MTO please add an expected date of completion so we can inform the customer. If there is a delay with the shipping of artwork or you wish to inform us about anything regarding this order please add a note.