Social media exposure

We would like to promote your artwork on social media and show people the artist behind the artwork. There are 3 options you can take:

  1. A day in the life (see below)
  2. An interview with
  3. Video of you working on a piece
  4. Photos

A day in the life of....

We want to create a ‘story’ of your day and for you to document it, it’s as simple as doing it on your phone at various points during the day. We would need ideally between 5-10 short 15second video clips and photos (a mix is good) if you can add a caption with the photo (just tell us and we’ll type it out).

e.g ‘gosh I’m messy’ or ‘my dog is watching me work’ or ‘I love working with Magenta’

Your day will be documented on our various social media platforms. If you have documented you creating a particular piece it would be good to send us a link to the finished piece on Art2Arts.

Short Video Clips (always move the camera slow) & Photos


                i.         You could start with a 15second clip talking about what your going to paint (must be no more than 15seconds ideally)

               ii.         Setting up your paints or your work area

              iii.         You working in your studio or of your studio

             iv.         Close ups or scroll across your artwork to show detail (move fairly slow)

              v.         Close up of your palette or mixing colours.

             vi.         Perhaps your on a walk and something inspires you.

            vii.         You take a break and go for a coffee (photograph the coffee ‘taking a break’)

1 min of less Video (cannot be any longer than 60seconds)

This could be as above, or of you (preferably) talking to the camera, perhaps showing us around your studio or working on a piece.

We basically want a ‘day in the life’ of you as an artist, nothing fancy needs to be done, simple is good. Just document your day, it can be done on a camera phone and does not need to be polished.

Please feel free to do as little or as much as you like, then email them to me with the subject ‘a day in the life’

Thank you,