What is Modern Art?

It is not uncommon practice to confuse modern art with abstract art. The two are similar in many ways, the former being characterised by the use of experimentation by the artist to transform an object, a place or a person into something different, something not so obvious to the naked eye.

The term modern art is applied to art that was created from the 18th century through to the late 1900s approximately. Pablo Picasso, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, and Edvard Munch are famous modern artists and were some of the first to raise the question 'what is art?' 

At Art2Arts we pride ourselves on our collection of modern art pieces. Featuring the work of several up-and-coming modern artists, we demonstrate how the careful use of colour, texture and light is used to create one-off modern masterpieces. 

Fact: A modern art painting can also be referred to as being 'contemporary' and 'post-modern.'