Art For Awkward Spaces

Rewind if you will a few hundred years, to when original paintings were a luxury of the wealthy. Tumbling country estates boasted high ceilings and expansive walls which cried out to be adorned with portraits, landscapes and contemporary pieces of the time. Now fast-forward to the present day and we find that people live in all sorts of unusual spaces: converted barns, tiny terraces and studio flats. They still long to adorn their walls with original art, but no longer have to worry about the price - just how they are going to make it fit.

If you live in an unusual space and are looking to buy some original art to suit your home, perhaps this reference guide will help.


How do you make a small room feel bigger?


Changing the feel of a small space is all to do with depth perception. If you hang a large painting depicting a distant horizon your eye will be drawn into and through the painting, giving you a greater feeling of depth and, in turn, make a small room feel bigger. Aim for a light colour palette as dark colours, even if showing a horizon, can have the opposite affect.


How can I broaden a narrow room or hallway?


Broadening a narrow room or hallway is a three-step process. First, paint one wall darker than the other. On this wall, hang a captivating piece of original art, and on the opposite wall in the same place hang a mirror. This action is known as reflective art. It gives the illusion of a broader space by reflecting the light and the detail.


How do I make a short room feel tall?


Like dressing a short person in vertical stripes, adding artwork which contains vertical lines or which is made up of pieces of art hung in vertical lines, will help give the illusion of height in a room with a low ceiling. If you go for pieces made of multiple segments hung together, always go for an odd number as it adds balance.


How do I make my studio flat feel less cramped?


The key here is to bring the outside in. Whilst adorning your walls with art won’t literally make your space any bigger, the addition of landscapes, country views or seascapes will allow your mind to wander and feel less constrained by your physical space.


How do I make a short room feel long?


Much like making a short room feel tall, it’s all about stripes. This time look for original art which boasts strong horizontal lines. Alternatively, look for panoramas to help give the illusion of width to a room.


How do I make a room with no windows not feel like a box?


Of all the rooms you can amend with original artwork, this is the trickiest. Before buying a dark image or one which is too intricate, it is worth bearing in mind that artificial light can make pictures appear very different than in natural light. Strangely, by hanging art which shows images of windows and doorways, or gives the illusion of going through somewhere, you can recreate the idea of a window in a room which has none.


If you are still struggling to find the right painting for your space, don’t be afraid just ask the gallery owner Michelle. She has years of experience in this domain and is well equipped to help you pick the right art, whatever your space shape.