The impact that art can have on a room and a person is astonishing, and something that we love here at Art2Arts. While some pieces of original art act as a wonderful decorative item, other works can have a mesmerising effect, catching your eye and drawing you in to the surreal landscape that is depicts. At Art2Arts we have a selection of hypnotic abstract oil paintings for sale that do just that, instantly adding a magical touch to any wall where it is placed.

Organised Chaos III (Large) Gillian Luff

Organised Chaos III (Large) – Gillian Luff

Gillian is a popular contemporary artist, known amongst our community for her fantastic ethereal paintings. Inspired by forces of nature such as the sea, space, mountains and clouds, its no wonder that her work transports you off to far off lands with the help of her expertly executed fluid paint strokes. This particular painting is an interpretation of a nebula in space, and we love the contrast of textures and colours that are used in this piece to create this painting with such perfect disorder.

Mahler’s World 2Peter Dadswell


As well as art, music also has hypnotic properties. So it comes as no surprise to find out that Peter Dadswell – the artist behind this piece – counts music as his fascination, alongside original art. Mahler’s World 2 is inspired by the compositions by Gustav Mahler, giving us a glimpse into the visions that are experienced by Peter when he listens to his symphonies. Whether this is a product of synaesthesia or simple artistic interpretation, it makes for a stunning piece of artwork.

EmptinessIsabelle Amante


This abstract oil painting for sale offers something different compared to Isabelle’s usual work, often consisting of detailed woodland paintings. When stripping back the trees and foliage we are left with this stunning sky scape, using bold colour to create a stirring atmosphere. As an artist who openly enjoys experimenting with style, we hope to see more abstract pieces like this one in future!

Gorgeous Ethereal (Very Large Square)Hester Coetzee

Gorgeous Ethereal (Very Large Square) – Hester Coetzee

Like Isabelle, we often associate Hester’s work with blossoming floral scenes, featuring fields and an abundance of colour. However, this simple piece works just as well when brightening up a room. The appeal of this painting lies in the brush strokes and the blending of colour, creating a ‘black hole’ effect with vibrant red tones that is impossible not to gaze at!



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