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We admire them every day, sometimes without even realising it, but what exactly is an illustration from an artistic point of view?
Simply put, illustration is defined as visual imagery that depicts, explains or interprets words that we find in books, newspapers and online media. It is fast becoming a highly popular art medium with collectors from around the globe who are looking for less traditional art forms to admire in their own homes whenever they wish.

Despite its growing popularity amongst art lovers, illustration has been around since the beginning of time with one of the first examples being the infamous cave paintings of Lascaux in the prehistoric era.

Move forward to the 15th century and illustration really took flight thanks to the invention of the printing press, and we have been enjoying this practical yet beautiful art form ever since.
Here are just a few examples of the illustrations available to buy from our talented illustrators. Why not add a couple to your home or collection?

Whose Idea Was the Camping Holiday? by David King


Whose Idea Was the Camping Holiday? by David King
Whose Idea Was the Camping Holiday? by David King


Playful, colourful and sure to raise a smile for all those who see it, this piece by illustration artist David King sees the family dog ‘enjoying’ a camping break in the great outdoors.
Filled with vibrant shades and intricate detail, this piece is available framed and ready to hang, so it’s a great way to get started with an illustration to adorn your home without the fuss.

Papilio Machaon – Swallowtail Butterfly – Laura Stötefeld


Papilio machaon - Swallowtail Butterfly by Laura Stötefeld
Papilio Machaon – Swallowtail Butterfly by Laura Stötefeld


If the beauty of nature is more to your taste, this stunning illustration of the swallowtail butterfly would make a wonderful addition to bedrooms or living areas.
Featuring soft yellows and attention to detail that makes the subject really come to life, this graceful illustration adds a pop of sunshine no matter the weather.

Melting Snow – Aniko Hencz


Melting Snow by Aniko Hencz
Melting Snow by Aniko Hencz


Capturing the desolate splendour of the frozen landscape as the snow begins to melt, Melting Snow by Aniko Hencz is a watercolour and ink painting that works well with modern interiors.
Featuring neutral tones, this realistic yet slightly abstract illustration works well with a variety of colour palettes and offers a haunting reminder of the depths of winter.

Life in the Northern Town – Martin Whittam


Life in a Northern Town by Martin Whittam
Life in a Northern Town by Martin Whittam


A friendly and fun painting that depicts a small town and it is filled with movement for a vibrant illustration that has a distinctive local flavour.
Available for immediate shipping, simply frame and hang and you’ll have a wonderful illustration that you’ll be able to enjoy for years to come.

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