Aqua Culture by Mervyn Tay Abstracts
Aqua Culture by Mervyn Tay Abstracts


We like Mervyn Tay’s abstract art because it has a certain spontaneity that emanates from the images, as if there’s a burst of the artist’s inner world in vibrant colours and rhythmic shapes.

Abstract artists often use their intuition to create their works and Mervyn Tay makes no exception.

His work has been described as “stirring, radical and humorous” and the artist’s aim is to create artwork that resonates with the viewer at an emotional level.

“My canvas is like a toy to me, extremely personal yet universally relevant to the human journey”, says the artist.

Where is Mervyn Tay’s inspiration coming from? Here is his own explanation: “A big part of my inspiration comes from the natural surroundings and through my travels. I am constantly on the go! I love walking through the buzzing souks and smelling the aromas in the stale air. I love listening to the sounds unheard of in a place completely alien to me.

I love the diversity of cultures, beliefs and traditions which has created this wonderful world we live in. Most of all, I love the fact that I have all these memories to keep”.

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