If you love to fill your home with truly unique, original art, there are two main ways you can do this: take a trip to your favourite art gallery, or visit a trusted online art gallery. We have hundreds of regular customers here at Art2Arts who can all vouch for the latter option. However, there still remain many art lovers who prefer to go down the physical route.

If you’re not convinced of virtual methods, we’ve rounded up a few reasons why it’s better to buy original art online.

‘Pose-a Yew (Dew Moving) – Nambe Brave’, by Stephen Davison

‘Pose-a Yew (Dew Moving) – Nambe Brave’, by Stephen Davison

It’s more practical

Original art can take many forms. Where one piece could be an A4 painting, another artwork you decide to purchase could be a large scale, 5ft ² textured canvas. Whether you choose to take it home with you there and then, or arrange to have it delivered at a later date, buying art from physical galleries can be quite impractical. Alternatively, buying from an online art gallery could ensure your work of art arrives to you faster and easier than ever. We offer fast and free UK delivery at Art2Arts, making this process simple.

Tropical Waves’, Andrew Watt

‘Tropical Waves’, Andrew Watt

There is more opportunity to discover new and emerging artists

When heading to ‘bricks and mortar’ art galleries, you are only exposed to the particular artists they stock. While you may trust the taste and judgement of your preferred gallery, they are limited to hosting a small number of artists at any time. An online art gallery is not restricted to physical wall space, able to showcase the work of the hundreds of fantastic artists that operate in the UK and beyond! We host over 300 artists at Art2Arts, hand-picked for the quality of their work. And in 2017, this number continues to grow!

‘Out of the Shadows’, by Frances Daunt

‘Out of the Shadows’, by Frances Daunt

It’s accessible

If you’re new to the buying art, entering an art gallery can be daunting. Without knowledge of the industry or the art world as a whole, it can be hard to know where to begin. Browsing an online art gallery means that you can use the same, familiar shopping format you would use to buy your clothes and groceries, making it a much more accessible way to enjoy art.

‘The Eye’, by Nora Nikolova

‘The Eye’, by Nora Nikolova

It’s affordable

Many people prefer online shopping as you can get the best price for your goods. This is also true in the world of art. We regularly host competitions and have flash sales on many wonderful pieces of original art. What’s more, we treat our regular customers with a loyalty rewards points scheme, giving them the chance to collect discount points with every piece they buy, to be used on future purchases.


If you’ve never used an online art gallery before, what are you waiting for? Head to Art2Arts to discover the wide range of original art we have, ready and waiting to decorate your home!