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A Guide To Giving Art As A Gift

How to choose art for someone special

You’ve been racking your brains, spent hours trawling the high street for inspiration and exhausted every possible suggestion from everyone you know, yet still nothing. The question on your lips, what do you buy the person who has everything?

Whether they have everything or nothing, buying someone an original piece of artwork makes for an amazing gift. It shows thought, effort and a flare for gift giving. But where do you start?

Do Your Research

Do your research!
 Buying original art as a gift is a minefield, each decision provoking another question, so you need to be prepared.

We have come up with 4 areas you need to have thought about before you even type www.art2arts.co.uk into your browser.

What Is The Recipient’s Personal Taste?

The person you are buying for may have been your friend for 10 years or ten months; either way you need to make some notes on their personal taste. Is their home modern and contemporary or traditional and full of character? Do they like to be forward thinking or do they long for years gone by? Are they all about bold statements or delicate suggestions?

By taking some notes on what kind of style the person you are buying for has, you’ll be able to narrow down the genres in order to find a gift that they’ll love.

Do They Have A Favourite Artist Or Genre?

If the person you are buying for is a fan of art then the chances are they have a favoured style or artist. If it isn’t already obvious from the pieces they have in their home then do some digging. Subtly ask some questions, or ask their partner or children if they have ever mentioned styles or artists they are fond of and use that as your basis for working out what to buy.

Where are they going to put it?

Buying original art for your friend is all very well, but in order for it to be a worthwhile gift they are going to have to hang it or display it. Next time you visit their home look at what wall space they have. This will hopefully help you to choose a piece which will not only fit with their décor, but also the space they have to work with.

How Much Are You Going To Pay?

This question has to be one you are honest about. The price you pay is not a reflection on the value of your friendship; instead, it is a way of preventing you from falling in love with something you can’t afford and being left feeling disappointed. By being realistic about what you are looking to spend you can find options within that bracket and buy the one you think best fits the criteria above.

Buying original art as a gift isn’t easy but it is incredibly fulfilling and demonstrates to the recipient that you have put genuine thought and care into picking something that they will like. With prices starting from as low as £75, original art could be your best gift idea yet.

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