Why Sell With Us

At Art2Arts, we're passionate about selling original pieces of artwork

from independent, talented artists.

Handpicked Emerging & Established Artists

Our community of hand-picked emerging and established artists are at the heart of everything we do. Through our online gallery, we’re able to provide them with a place to get the most out of everything they create.

You Create Art & We Sell It for You

Promoting and selling your art can be hard, but by selling through us you can focus on what’s important—creating your next piece—and let us worry about getting your work into the hands of art lovers and collectors across the globe. 

No Membership Fees & Lower Commission

Our community of hand-picked emerging and established artists are at the heart of everything we do. Through our online gallery, we're able to provide them a place to get the most out of everything they create.

Our Focus is On You The Artist

To keep our focus on you, we only take on a selected number of professional artists. This keeps our gallery exclusive and ensures great exposure for everyone. 

Not only will selling on Art2Arts help your art reach a far larger

audience, but you'll also be part of a small, unique community of

people who share your passion for art.

No joining fees and no membership charges

Admin access to upload your own artwork

Lower commission than most online galleries at just 35%

We‘re a community and support each other

Our buyers are worldwide

We take on only professional artists

Why Art2Arts is the best place to sell art online

We're one of the leading online art galleries and have helped over 800 independent artists share their work with buyers in the UK and abroad.  Selling Art2Arts is the perfect next step for any professional artist because:

  • There's no joining fees or membership charges
  • Uploading art is quick and simple with our user-friendly admin account
  • We offer lower commission rates than most online galleries
  • You'll be part of a strong community of like-minded artists and buyers
  • You get access to our large base of international buyers

Who can join?

If you’re a professional artist, and the following points apply to you, we’d love to have you join our community of art lovers.

  • Create original art, fine art photography, handmade prints, or digital art?
  • Believe in offering excellent customer service?
  • Have the ability to send your artwork via a signed-for courier, fully insured?
  • Can present your work in the best way possible, with high quality photos?
  • Have the time to manage your account and keep up to date with orders and customer enquiries?

Get maximum exposure for your work

We work hard to promote all our artists to give you as much exposure as possible. By selling your art online with Art2Arts, we’ll be promoting your work in the following ways:

  • Regular newsletters to a wide audience of art lovers
  • Paid online and offline advertising
  • PR work
  • Social media promotions to our thousands of followers
  • Regular artist blog features

‘I am an artist who has been selling on Art2arts since not long after it was established in 2006. For me it has been the most productive and professional online galleries I have work with for selling my artwork.’ CK Wood

Get started with your online art gallery

At Art2Arts, all our artists get their very own online gallery.

Once your gallery is up and running, all you need to worry about is managing your orders and customer enquiries - and creating your art! We'll take care of everything to do with marketing and organising your payments.

You Create Art & We Sell It for You

It can be hard to get your work in front of interested buyers, but by selling your art with Art2Arts we'll match you with our large and loyal customer base worldwide.

Our community has been growing since 2006, with new art-loving buyers and artists joining every day.

Be part of our community

We're passionate about art, and the people that create it, so we offer personal support to help you market and sell your artwork quickly, and stress-free.

Our online art gallery is fair, accessible, and transparent to ensure the best experience for buyers-but most importantly, our artists.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I start selling with Art2Arts?

To apply, simply fill in our online registration form where you’ll be asked to tell us a bit about yourself and provide some examples of your work. 

If you’re accepted, you’ll then receive an email inviting you to set up an account.

What type of artwork can I sell with Art2Arts?

You can sell any of your original artwork and limited edition prints on Art2Arts. This includes paintings, drawings, collage, mixed-media, sculptures, photography, hand-made prints, and digital art. We do not sell prints of original artwork.

How and when do I get paid?

Once the artwork has been shipped and the customer’s confirmed that they’re happy, you’ll receive payment within 21 days.

Who can sell with Art2Arts?

Any artist over the age of 18 can join our gallery. We also do not request exclusivity, so you’re free to sell your art elsewhere if you wish.

What tools do you offer at Art2Arts?

We offer various tools to help you sell your artwork, including:

  • Homepage promotions
  • Make an offer’ feature (optional)
  • Customer discounts and promotions
  • 'Ask a question’ feature where customers can submit enquiries directly to artists
  • 'Commission an artist’ feature
  • Follow an artist’ where customers can be notified of your latest artwork
  • Plus much more!

How much commission do I pay?

We take just 35% of the final sale price including VAT, which makes us one of the lowest for commission charges compared to other online galleries—we also don’t charge membership fees.


From time to time, we may offer customer discounts to encourage purchases which will be deducted from the price of your artwork. In these circumstances, the 65/35 commission split will be calculated on the final price so we share the cost of the discount with you. 

How does shipping work?

Generally, we offer free shipping to all our UK customers so encourage artists to factor this into their prices. 

You’re also free to add your own shipping prices for international customers as you wish.

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