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Choosing the right artwork for your home Art for Awkward Spaces Protection when buying art online

Choosing the Right Art

Art for Awkward Spaces

Staying Safe When Buying Art Online

Need some inspiration for buying artwork for your home? This article explores some ideas and suggestions that may suit your interior.


It can sometimes be tricky buying art if you have an awkward space to fill. This article will give you some ideas/suggestions for things to consider when looking for artwork.

It's important to know what to look out for when you buy art online. This article explores the important factors to take into account when deciding to buy art online.

Framing Artwork

Cleaning artwork Original Print v Print

How to Frame your Artwork

Caring for your Artwork

Original Print v Print

Not all artwork required framing however if you are looking to frame your painting or drawing then this article will help you decide on the different framing options.


Caring for your artwork is important to ensure it will last a lifetime. This guide will show you the do's and don't when caring for your artwork. What is the difference between an original print and a print? This article clarifies the confusion that often arises between them.

Why do we buy art online

Buying art as a gift How to hang artwork 

Why People Buy Art Online

Buying Art as a Gift

How to Hang Artwork

There are many reasons why people choose to buy artwork online. This article covers some of the benefits and reasons why more and more people are turning to the internet to buy their artwork.


Looking to buy something unique for someone you love? This guide helps you through the decision-making process when buying artwork as a gift. A guide to hanging your artwork. Tips on the best tools to use for hanging as well as where to place your artwork.

Invest in Art

Starting an Artwork Collection   

Art as an Investment

How to start an Art Collection

 This guide is about what to consider when thinking about investing in artwork. Interested in starting your own artwork collection? this how to guide will be a great starting point with what to consider.  
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