How to start an artwork collection

Art is one of the truly great social levellers; you don’t need to have a single penny in your pocket to appreciate and enjoy creativity.

Of course, if you want to start a collection you will need some funds, but you may be surprised to discover that creating an art collection of your own doesn’t have to be a treat reserved for millionaires.

Armed with a little bit of know-how, and the right resources, it’s easy to start building a collection of your own. But starting an art collection is very different to buying pieces individually; here are some of the facts you will need to consider.


Learn to think differently

If you are serious about wanting to build an art collection, you will need to learn to approach the subject differently than before.

The chances are that if you’re not a collector, you simply buy art because it strikes a chord with you, an image you enjoy and would like to regularly see. As a collector, more thought needs to go into your purchases which may at times mean exercising restraint.

Having a collection means groups of artwork which are linked in some way, rather than just random pictures that you fell in love with and were compelled to buy. This means planning your acquisitions and selecting the right pieces which will complement your existing purchases.

Of course buying art is very much a personal and instinctive decision, but learning how to channel those feelings into a more organised thought process will help you create a far more cohesive collection in the long run.


What’s important?

Unlike with buying individual paintings, when you are trying to build a collection no single piece is more important than the sum of the parts.

Although you will want to purchase beautiful and striking artwork, the skill lies in identifying and tracking down the pieces which will help your collection to evolve, complementing your existing art.

One of the other most important factors in creating a noteworthy collection is recognition and understanding of your own tastes. Is it the technical ability that attracts you, the use of colour, or the subject matter? Or perhaps it is simply the way it makes you feel. Being aware of why you like certain pieces of art will help you plan and organise your purchases far more efficiently.

Don’t be dissuaded by so-called professionals dictating what you should and shouldn’t like. The collection is yours alone and understanding the direction you want to take, and staying true to this, will help ensure the final result is authentic and memorable.


Don’t be afraid to explore

You have a defined idea of where you “should” purchase art from in order for it to be considered as a serious piece, but in the modern age you might need to redefine your boundaries.

Returning to the same select few galleries time after time can result in a narrow and uninspiring collection, with the pieces you choose unduly influenced by the recommendations from the curators.

Don’t be afraid to explore unconventional and unusual avenues for your artwork; going online is a great way to be able to browse a huge collection in one place.

What you like is far more important that the place you purchase the artwork, how on-trend the piece is or the potential investment value. Whilst the last one might be desirable, it should never be the sole basis upon which you buy your art if you want your collection to flow and appear natural.



Starting an art collection is an exciting endeavour; only you can decide the path for your journey and where it begins and ends. With a bit of research and the ability to resist acting on impulse, you can create a stunning collection whether your preference is pastels, oil paintings or watercolour. Where better to start than quickly browsing through the extensive selection here at Art2Arts, why not add a piece to your collection today?

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