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If you have a love of modern art, then our collection of contemporary paintings for sale is sure to pique your artistic interest and could leave you wishing for more space in your home to decorate with your favourite, most thought-provoking pieces.
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Known for its social impact and commentary, those who buy contemporary painting often enjoy the dual aspects of the piece, firstly enjoying it as a visually striking artwork that they can hang on a wall to make a real style statement. 

Secondly and perhaps most importantly for some budding art collectors, contemporary art often has an underlying social commentary or strong message that the artists wishes to convey in their work, making them both attractive and an important piece of modern history in their own right. 

Bringing together a plethora of styles, genres and topics, buy contemporary paintings from Art2Arts and you are guaranteed a one-of-a-kind, unique piece of contemporary artwork delivered straight from the artist to your door thanks to our team of expert art couriers. 

With such an extensive range of contemporary paintings for sale, choose a piece that resonates with you and offers up some real artistic food for thought. 

Techniques of creating contemporary paintings

Broadly encompassing art created in the 20th and 21st century, these modern pieces do not follow a set genre or style that distinguishes them from others, and it is therefore up to the viewer to discover the social messages and meaning which is part of the appeal of our range of contemporary paintings for sale. 

Contemporary art by its nature can take a wealth of formats and mediums, spanning the gauntlet of statement making supersized pieces to those created using a juxtaposition of styles or a mix of mediums. There are no rules for contemporary artists and no one technique that shines above all others. Playing around with colour, composition, size and subject matter is to be embraced, as well as rethinking traditional rules and accepted norms when it comes to the artist’s creative process. 

When buying contemporary art, look for techniques that appeal to you. That could mean that you seek out pieces which are minimalist in style, a technique that is deceptively difficult given its pared back nature. 

Others take large scale to new levels, playing with perspective and form to challenge the viewer and create something utterly new. 

The use of found objects such as recycled wood or unwanted junk is also popular on the contemporary art scene, tapping into the increased consumer consciousness around sustainability. 

History of contemporary art

Contemporary art is the name for any art form that is produced in the present period of time. It is an extension of postmodern art and covers a wide range of genres and techniques. There is often confusion between ‘modern art’ and ‘contemporary art’ however it is generally deemed that contemporary art is any art form that has been created between the 1960s and this very moment.

It is argued that contemporary artists are much more socially conscious than their predecessors, with many creating pieces of art that are connected to current worldly issues such as feminism, multiculturalism and health concerns like AIDs

One of the most famous British contemporary artists is Damien Hirst. The internationally renowned artists is the most prominent member of the group known as the ‘Young British Artists’ and is often described as ‘one of the most influential artists of his generation.’

Contemporary artists are noted for rejecting the concept of mainstream art, instead choosing to embrace a variety of unique artistic styles. Popular influences include pop art, minimalism and conceptual art, with contemporary artists using a wide range of materials, sources and styles to create completely unique pieces.

With contemporary art covering so many styles and genres, it is so difficult to put a definition on it, so instead we suggest you take a look and see what it means to you.

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