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We have a wide range of acrylic paintings available for direct purchase from gifted independent artists. Perfect for when you want to decorate your home or office space with something a little different, these incredible paintings are the ideal antidote to standard, store-bought wall art.
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With the ability to bond to a variety of surfaces, acrylic paints have long been one of the most popular materials used by artists to create work that spans a variety of genres, techniques and topics. It’s this diversity that makes this style an eternally attractive prospect and those looking to buy acrylic paintings are drawn in by the riot of colour, the vibrancy of expression and uniqueness. 

A water-based paint that only becomes water-resistant once dry, acrylic paintings for sale are often vibrant and are filled with texture and depth, making them visually striking and appealing to those with an appreciation of art. Because they retain this aesthetic and won’t fade or crack, they are much in demand years after their creation. Many collectors feel this makes their artwork unique, adding to its allure.

What also makes acrylic paintings so popular with collectors and those that are just looking for a way to add interest to plain walls is that they cover an array of different subjects and painting techniques, so there really is a piece for anyone looking to buy acrylic paintings as either a treat for themselves or as a thoughtful gift for a friend or family member. 

From woodland creatures to imposing cityscapes or the raw power of the ocean and brooding skies, our current collection of acrylic paintings for sale showcases some of the best examples of this type of art from new artists bought together from across the UK and Europe to provide you with an extensive collection of art to enjoy in our digital gallery.

If you are looking to buy acrylic paintings, all artwork purchased via Art2Arts comes complete with a satisfaction guarantee and an expert team of art couriers who will collect your chosen piece from the artist and have it delivered to your door for total peace of mind. 

The technique of creating acrylic paintings

Our acrylic paintings for sale are a wonderful example of the vibrancy and sheer diversity of technique that this style offers artists. 

One of the most immediately apparent elements of this style is the use of bright and bold colours. Acrylic paint does not fade over time, in contrast to a medium such as oil, which means that they retain their deep, rich colour palettes long after being created. 

Although acrylic has only been readily accessible to artists since the 1950s when the Pop Art movement emerged, it has quickly been deployed in a whole manner of ways. Some artists may choose to apply with a brush for example, while others opt to be more primal in their application, squeezing directly from the tube. This freer form can also help to create texture, as the paint can be applied in much thicker and overlapping layers then that achieved with traditional applications. 

History of acrylic

Acrylic painting is known the world over as one of the more flexible of painting methods, with its invention in the mid-20th century giving artists of the time access to acrylics that would ensure their artistic creations would dry quicker than ever before.

Over time, painting with acrylics has become a great way for artists to portray vibrant images where colour intensity is desired. As plastics have evolved, so has the quality of painting with acrylic, with brightness, saturation and enhanced pigmentation detail resulting in some stunning works of art.

With the ability to easily alter the thickness, shine and overall texture of acrylics, artists have been able to add it to their wider colour palettes, particularly when looking to layer colours quickly due to its ability to dry within a few hours - making acrylic painting useful for depicting landscapes of varied hues.   

Another benefit of acrylic painting highlighting its malleability is that it can shift into the sculpture and collage format, effectively becoming 3D as it can be peeled off a non-stick surface to create some fantastic variations in depth and perspective for the onlooker.

Famous acrylic paintings include Andy Warhol’s ‘Campbell’s Soup Cans’, while David Hockney’s depiction of laid back LA in the 1960s has long been an inspiration for acrylics artists including those we have on display for you below.

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