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Art as an Investment

Over the past decade, investing in art has been steadily growing in popularity, slowly becoming a mainstream choice for keen collectors, art lovers as well as occasional buyers. When it comes to art investment, there are two main trends among art buyers. While some people buy what they like, so as to have a piece of artwork they enjoy looking at either in their homes or offices, other people buy classics hoping that they will make a decent return when the market re-adjusts.

Go with what you like

The general advice is to go with the first choice, as it is not easy to predict which artwork will gain value in the future. It is better to display in your home or office premises an artwork that you love than one you don’t really resonate with. You can acquire artwork of established artists in your area so not only will you support artists from your town but you will be part of the local art scene, going to private viewings, exhibitions and open studios to familiarise yourself with popular artists.

Alternatively you can invest in emerging artists that are at the beginning of their careers. You can end up with an innovative and affordable artwork that might become valuable in the future should the artist become more established and recognized in the art circles. If the cliché is true and the best artists aren’t appreciated in their own lifetime, it might take a while for their influence to be felt. So going with what you like will give you pleasure whether the artwork will gain in value or not at some point in the future.

Where to buy art?

Before embarking on this journey, you may want to answer a few questions: what sort of things should you be looking for? Is there an artist, or artists, that you should be keeping an eye on? Are you better to buy online than in a physical art gallery?

When it comes to acquiring art, there are several options available to collectors. They can buy from physical galleries, auctions, gift shops, and local or national exhibitions as well as online. The latter became more and more popular in the recent years as collectors are faced with a wide range of artists and artworks. This may sound a bit overwhelming, but if you take some time and familiarise yourself with what is out there, you will soon find that perfect artwork for your home that you may not have found it in your local gallery, especially if you live away from major artistic centres.


If you buy art purely for the money that you hope it will make you in a few years time, then you are missing out on a huge part of the experience. Plus, if it doesn’t make a financial return, you will feel cheated. Always remember that part of the investment is the pleasure that the piece is going to give you while you own it. Always buy something you like so you won’t be disappointed in the long run.

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