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How to Hang Artwork

So you’ve bought your artwork/s and are ready to hang them. In this chapter I’ll explain some general rules and guidance on how to really show off the work, along with some dos and don’ts to remember.

Hang at Eye level

The general rule is to hang pictures at eye level. Your eye level should be at the centre of the artwork. This will of course not always be possible (if you have obstructions in the way), and people’s heights vary, but if you use this a rough guide you can’t go wrong.


Aligning Multiple Images

Referring to the image below, you will notice that it's best to ensure that the centre of each piece aligns with the next. In other words you’re not aligning the tops or bottoms of the artworks.



Unity when Grouping Images

No Unity:

As you will see from this example, there isn’t really any consideration of theme or colour. The images don’t look unified. If you are hanging artworks close together in the same area you must give thought to how they will work together.





Here we can see there has been more consideration given to the style and colour. The paintings work better together. However, they are all very bright dominant pieces. It may be that you want one piece to really stand out and the others to simply compliment it. This may mean using a quieter pallet and theme.




The Main Focus

You may have a piece you want to really stand out. Having all work in a strong colour can be a little over bearing as they all fight for attention. It can be a good idea to select just one piece that you really want to be centre of attention and choose calmer, more muted pieces to complement the main star.




What fittings should I use?

You can use the following fittings with both deep-edge and traditional canvases.


Mirror Plates


Mirror plates are fairly easy to use, provided you know your way around a drill and screwdriver, plus they are cheap and very secure. If you screw in your mirror plates to face inside the canvas, they’re hidden from view. You’d need to put two screws into the wall and drop the mirror plates over the screws.  Attaching mirror plates to face outward creates an even more secure hold.


3M Command Strip

3M Command Strips are a relatively new innovation that lets you hang pictures without damaging walls or leaving any residue. That makes them perfect for temporary displays or rented accommodation. They are very easy to install. They might not be the most secure option, however.


Picture Wire

Although using a wire is relatively easy compared to mirror plates, the problem is that paintings hung with wire tend to get knocked and will need straightening at lot. Also it means that paintings won’t appear totally flat to the wall.



Personally I use two screws in the wall and if they painting is on canvas they are fairly lightweight and will sit on top of the screws flush against the wall. Provided they are not in a place where they can be easily knocked they will be fine.


I hope this article has been helpful when thinking about what to consider when it comes to size, if you require any further help please don’t hesitate to contact me: michelle@art2arts.co.uk - good luck!

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