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Artists of the Month

Delight in our hand-picked artists for July

Rajan Dey

The pursuit of our passion can take us down many roads and as for Rajan Dey, he was trained as an electrical and electronic engineer. Although he was an expert in this chosen path, there always seemed to be something missing. A passion for oil, pastel, acrylic, and watercolour was evident at the age of 5 and throughout his childhood, but he chose more of a technical avenue for his career. That was until recently. 

Today, Rajan Dey has abandoned his first career path to invest in what was once merely a hobby. Dey’s passion for painting has taken over his life and now he paints full time. Each painting her produces is a masterful piece for of thought provoking scenes and true passion for art. Vivid colour and awe-inspiring scenes take over the canvas in each of Raj’s paintings and it is amazing to see the level of depth and attention to detail in every brush stroke.


"I love to experiment with painting style and adopt different techniques depending on my mood and atmosphere of the subject I choose."


Luisa Timperi

What lies ahead in our personal life walk, sometimes comes directly from our parents and from Luisa Timperi, the love of art certainly came from hers. Luisa Timperi was born to an artistic minded watercolour artist and that creativity from a young age empowered her to seek out her own style and artistic vision through various mixed media. 

Luisa Timperi hones her surrealism style through various pieces featuring vivid colours and joyful undertones. Although she is certainly serious about her artwork, each piece offers a playful side to the subject. Her use of light and reflections within each artistic depiction is proof that she has traditional training, yet her fun, creative style truly knows no bounds. Luisa Timperi takes everyday objects and brings out their very essence with impressive style and attention to the finest detail. She utilizes various mediums to present an altered view of the subject while maintaining its true nature.


''I love to paint appealing and interesting subjects. Through the application of bright and expressive colors I strive to stimulate joy and inspiration to the observer.''


Jonathan Oakes

Multi-faceted artist Jonathan Oakes takes inspiration from a variety of places. Although nature is a primary influence, much of his art pieces depict the gritty undertones of society. Abstract art is his forte and each painting has more of an organic styling than similar artists. Jonathan Oakes utilises more muted tones to bring out the true sole of his subjects and each stroke of his brush portrays something new and exciting. 

Jonathan Oakes is a classically trained artist, but painting is not his only passion. His training comes from both hand drawn and painted skills as well as computer aided artistic talents. Graphic art is a passion for this amazing artist as well. In his earlier life, welding was an occupation which helps him configure art pieces the everyday viewer can enjoy. Fine art has its place, but for Jonathan Oakes, offering a new perspective on what we see is far more enjoyable.


 "For me, being an Artist is a state of mind, a way of seeing. I enjoy trying to communicate my thoughts and experiences through painting and drawing."


James Shipton

Life drawing is a skill that many artists never master. Depicting the human form with various highs, lows, and muscle tones can be very difficult, but for those who have a passion for this type of art like James Shipton, the results are insanely beautiful. James Shipton takes his artwork seriously and enjoys depicting the human body. Various poses and body types offer an endless array of inspiration for each piece. 

Primarily, the pieces are accomplished via charcoal drawings, but James also dabbles in colours to add a bit of flare and intensify the emotion. It was the study of human anatomy that reinvigorated James Shipton and returned to him, his passion for art. Each piece is as unique as the subject in the art and offers a visual perspective of everyday life and struggles each of us go through regularly. James Shipton is an impressively talented artist that utilizes various mediums to bring his subjects to life.

“The biggest moment in my career as an artist was when I knew that my art was on the walls of collectors in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. This means so much to me as an artist.”


Martin Whittam

Teaching has been a significant passion for Matin Whittam and since graduating from the Liverpool Art School with a degree in fine art, teaching students was a natural choice. For many years, Whittam empowered students to exceed expectations and make their art come alive. After retiring, Martin Whittam was able to further explore the art world and make it his full time job. 

Martin Whittam primarily paints with a mixture of watercolour and acrylic and his paintings depict real life in a somewhat animated fashion. His pieces are an inspiring work of colour and inspiration from everyday life. From going to the tavern to in Time for Beer to exploring the coast in Evening at the Harbour, viewers are transported to a new place every time. What sets Martin Whittam apart from many similar artists is his attention to detail. His draughtsman expertise allows him to see and bring out every detail necessary to compile a complete story with every piece.

"I like to tell stories with my paintings and my customers say it makes them smile to look at them and imagine who everybody is and where they're going. I like that"


Maureen Greenwood

Like many artists, Maureen Greenwood did not begin her life knowing she would be an artist. For many years, she worked in more of a corporate environment, but for the past 20 years, her life has been devoted to art. Pieces from Maureen Greenwood are highly sought after for their level of detail and textured undertones. Various media allows Ms. Greenwood to capture light and emotion within each piece. 

From landscapes to a more abstract arts style, Maureen Greenwood can, seemingly do it all. Many of her paintings have almost an antique quality due to the various textures provided and colour plays together beautifully within each piece. Maureen’s use of vivid hues and muted tones portray a very real, yet surreal depiction of various landscapes and scenery. Like paintings from Claude Monet, Maureen Greenwood allows the viewer to become lost in the painting with more detail visible the longer they look. An impressive style and remarkable talent from a beautiful artist.

"Painting gives me peace of mind and a reason to be."


Mike Fullarton

Abstract art can be a difficult area to break into within the art world, but Mike Fullarton has certainly found a way. His artwork is taken from cities across the globe from a bird’s eye view. At first, the pieces look like simply colour blocks in various patterns, but they are actually maps of each city. Whether it is a depiction of the transit system of that city or just the cityscape as a whole, Mike Fullarton takes his time to not completely replicate the city, but give his perspective and overall flow and inner soul of the piece. 

However, if you think Mike Fullarton to be a singular style artist, you are completely wrong. This gifted artist is classically trained in a variety of different art styles from realism to landscape and there is seemingly nothing he cannot paint with his remarkable talent. Mike Fullarton truly puts his personal stamp on each piece he paints.


"I've been drawing or painting since I was a young boy, and have always loved the challenge of developing ideas, the process of creating, learning from mistakes and feeling pride in the outcome. "


Mila Moroko

Obligations of life can quickly get in the way of our passions and many artists, like Mila Moroko, do not discover the advantageous world of art until later in life. Once her children were grown and Mila Moroko decided it was time to turn her art hobby into her livelihood, the world changed for this remarkable artist. 

Everything is an inspiration for Mila Moroko and her art depicts a variation of colour and a zest for life that is all her own. Moroko is not your typical trained artist, but an outstanding self taught visionary with her own style. Whether she is painting the heavens or depicting something a little closer to home, her pieces bring out the best in their subject. From abstract to landscape, there seems to be no limit to the talent in every stroke of the brush from Mila Moroko. We wait with baited breath to see what new artistic visions come from this impressively gifted artist.


"My aim: I aim to create paintings gorged with positive energy and transform my profound emotions into something beautiful and inspiring. And I dream that time to time I manage to give people something they didn’t know they are missing."

Rod Bere

Few artists can capture emotion in their pieces quite like Rod Bere. This artist has art pulsing through every fiber of his being and it is easy to see that in his various paintings. Rod Bere was taught to love art from a young age growing up in a highly artistic and very large family. However, initially Bere took more of an academic approach to life. Once he could not shake the feeling of there being something more to life, he turned his attention to art. 

Each piece from Rod Bere is a beautiful image of landscapes and various scenery from around the world. What sets his images apart from many others is the use of light and imagery to portray vast emotion. Each part plays at the human emotion and brings the point of the painting out impeccably. Not only is he famous for his scenery paintings, but human subjects as well, bringing out the true emotion of each person on an individual level within the same painting.


"I have spent my whole life wanting to paint,denied the opportunity in my youth, I started 14 years ago using paints kept from my childhood, now selling worldwide I am delighted that my dream is fulfilled."


Victoria Stanway

Seemingly anyone can paint a painting, but it takes an eye for the smallest detail to capture the emotions of the human spirit. Victoria Stanway has made it her life’s work to capture the very essence of every subject, both human and animal in her pieces. As a contemporary artist, Victoria’s talent is simply unparalleled as she works with colour, visual enhancements, and shading to bring out the soul of her subjects. 

Whether she is painting a playing dog or an emotional human, every brush stroke drives the intimate nature of every painting home. Unlike other artists, Victoria Stanway is no one trick pony. She emphasizes her abstract skills as well in various portrayals of towns and even dreamscapes that seem to take you to another realm. There is no limit to the talent of Victoria Stanway and even though she has only been a professional artist since 2008, her skills have been a part of her life since childhood.


"Painting for me is very therapeutic, helping me make sense of my world. Using memories, dreams, real places, people and situations, to create a piece of work that can take on more meaning for anyone looking at it, is very rewarding."


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