The Beauty of Oil Paintings

Oil paintings are tremendously popular here at Art2Arts, at any one time we typically have 1,500+ oil paintings from a rich variety of British Artists.


A brief history of oil paintings

Oil painting is one of the oldest forms of artwork, dating back to the 7th century AD when pigment from natural products such as poppies and walnuts was used to create the bright colours on the cave walls. The oldest record of oil painting in Europe dates back to the 11th century but really started to evolve in the 15th century with the use of tempera panels.

Until the 1800’s Artists tended to mix their own oils in their own studios or bought oils locally. This all changed in 1841 with the invention of the squeezy metallic tube which meant pre-packaged oils for Art could be distributed more easily.


Oil Painting by Lynne Cartlidge

Lynne Cartlidge

 A Hearty Vignette by Elizabeth Williams 

Elizabeth Williams

Field of Flowers in vase by Alena Rumak 

Alena Rumak


The splendour of oil paintings

A particularly unique medium with rich and dense results, oil paintings offer depth and unsurpassed textural variation offering artists the chance to use both thick and thin applications to create the desired result.

Painting with oils offers the ability to create a picture which is either translucent, transparent or opaque and the medium blends beautifully with others such as acrylic for the most fascinating finish.

Oil is one of the most popular mediums for artists to work in and there’s always an intriguing and varied selection of canvases for sale. Subjects range from the wild and beautiful tones of abstract designs to the magical blends of fantasy work, all the way to the multi-faceted and striking colours of sunsets.

Oil paintings offer rich, deep and vivid colours as well as gentle, delicate translucency, A versatile and beautiful medium, oil has been used in artwork for many centuries and despite being a very traditional choice looks just as good in contemporary designs too.

Like all of the artwork on Art2Arts, only genuine and original artwork will be shown, with no mass produced prints or reproductions. Each piece for sale is an individual and will not be reproduced either now or in the future. You are guaranteed to receive a piece of artwork which is 100% original and unique and will remain that way.


Finding oil paintings on Art2Arts

To find a piece of oil artwork you like, you can either browse through the full collection or you can narrow your selection using the filters on the left hand side of the screen. The subject, size and style are all possible options along with price, colour, framing and orientation.

If you find a piece you are interested in, double click and you will see further details including a brief description from the artist and some other examples of their work, where applicable.

These details will confirm the price, the size of the artwork as well as whether it will require framing. You may find additional images to help you see the oil painting from alternative angles.

If you like what you see and want to purchase the piece you can just click on the ‘add to cart’ option. Alternatively, you can contact the artist directly either to ask questions about the oil painting or to enquire about a custom design, should you prefer.

To see more about the artist including their portfolio plus any feedback, just click on their name.


Other benefits of buying through Art2Arts

Don’t forget, Art2Arts offer a unique ‘try before you buy’ service which enables you to see the artwork hanging in your home before you make a purchase. Simply send us a picture of your wall space and we’ll show you what your chosen piece of oil artwork will look like hanging there.