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Ink Paintings & Drawings for Sale

One of the oldest paint mediums in the world, ink painting began as ancient drawings some 2000 years ago, helping provide a window to the past through its ink stick origins formed in the Far East.

Ink painting is a writing and drawing paint method using a combination of liquids and pastes, typically in black or brown hues, although coloured dyes and pigments are increasingly being used in modern works of art to create eye-catching visual effects.

Through a combination of pen, ink and wash techniques, ink-based artists today can embrace an increasingly versatile art form that can either have a heightened amount of depth with a glossy finish, or equally appear as think ink giving a luminous effect on the page.

The best ink painters will have worked hard to create a balance in ink depth, brightness, delicate line work and overall tone. While ink can be used well in mixed media collages and drawing, the medium now stands on its own with its innate ability to capture specific moods across landscapes, people, and abstract artworks.

Famous ink artists’ drawings and paintings include Rembrandt’s ‘Woman Carrying a Child Downstairs’, and Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘Vitruvian Man’.     

Take a look at our wide range of ink paintings and drawings below, which are a great choice if you prefer artwork that conveys emotions as well as any other medium. 

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