Creative Landscape Paintings

One of the most classic forms of artwork, landscapes are a popular choice amongst art lovers and embraces a range of styles, both contemporary and traditional.


The popularity of landscapes art has risen over time

However, landscapes weren't always a common choice, with portraits far more in demand in the past. But gradually it was realised that painting a landscape takes an extreme talent; capturing a 3D image in a 2D medium is no mean feat.


A huge amount of skill is required to create landscapes art

As this appreciation for the skill involved in landscape painting began to evolve, the demand for this type of painting steadily rose and has continued unabated to this day. There are huge challenges in painting a landscape which requires mastery of colour, perspective and composition in order to produce a realistic result.


The top quality landscape pieces of art where you can buy paintings online through Art2Arts are therefore the product of many hours of work, completed by artists with a natural flair and a very real talent.

Spring Fields by Nikki Wheeler  Yellow Fields by Yulia Allan  Between Showerd by Denise Mitchell
Spring Fields by Nikki Wheeler  Yellow Fields by Yulia Allan Between Showers by Denise Mitchell


A brief history of landscapes art

The type of content included in a landscape painting has also changed as the centuries have passed, moving from the background ‘filler’ type of artwork seen in Greek and Roman times to the centerpieces that we see today.

During the 18th century, landscape art really began to be noticed and Britain, along with France, was considered to be at the very epicenter of this trend. Gainsborough was one of the most famous artists from this period who regularly featured landscapes as an integral past, even building tiny little models to help him capture them more accurately.

But it was the invention of photography in the 19th century which released painters from the need to draw the landscape realistically, leaving them more scope to be creative and use their interpretative skills more widely. One of the most noticeable styles towards the latter part of this period was the Impressionist, which was very popular amongst landscape painters.


Techniques used by Artists

Modern landscape artists use a range of mediums, as can be seen by the artwork on show below, and are free to be far more creative with their use of light and colour.

A modern development is the inclusion of urban landscapes as well as the more traditional countryside’s, with industry and technology just as much in demand as picturesque settings.


How to find landscapes art at Art2Arts

If you were looking for a piece of landscape art using a particular medium, you can use the filter to the left of the screen to narrow your search criteria. You can also search using other factors such as colour, size, frame and price.

Clicking on a picture you like will provide you with more information, including some detail about the artist themselves. You can choose the contact the artist directly to ask them questions about their artwork or to request a special commission piece too.

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Only the best landscape artists are included for exhibit but you will find a range of styles to suit all kinds of tastes. From bright and vivid contemporary interpretations to romantic pastel panoramas, you can browse through the wide selection on offer from some of the most talented artists on the internet.

All artwork features free UK delivery, a 14 day free return facility and a secure checkout. Like all other artwork on Art2Arts, all the landscapes featured are entirely authentic pieces and are offered as unique creations. None of the landscapes will be produced as a mass print either now or in the future so you can be sure that you are purchasing a painting or picture which is absolutely individual in every way.