Customs Duties & Taxes

Will I be charged import duties and tax on my order?

Artwork ordered from outside your customs-union will be subject to import duties and tax. There will not be additional costs when ordering UK to UK, or EU to EU, USA to USA for example, however if you are for example in the UK and order from an artist based in the EU you will be liable to pay customs duties and taxes.

How much will import duties and tax be for my country?

We are unable to accurately estimate how much these charges will be, and they will vary from country to country, however we have put together a guide below for artwork imported into the UK:


Customer Country

Estimated Customs charges applicable


Customs Duty due 0%
Import VAT 5% for works of art

Please note: the above are estimates and the value is made up of the artwork, shipping cost and insurance. In addition, the courier will charge a small admin fee for collecting payment which could be between £10 - £20. We cannot be held responsible if your charges differ and do advise you to contact your local customs office should you wish to check prior to delivery.

Who will pay for customs duties and taxes?

In some cases, artists may be able to offer ‘Delivery Duties Paid’ if you are unsure or would like this option please contact the artist who may be able to arrange this, though there is likely to be an additional charge.

In all other cases the cost is to be paid by the buyer (importer) and we are unable to reimburse you of any charges. We do make it clear at checkout if the artwork is likely to be subject to these charges.

If you have any further questions or unsure please do not hesitate to contact us:

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