Featured Listing

Increase your exposure by becoming a 'Featured Artist' on the website.

Your Artist Feature will include:

  • Artwork to be shown in 'Featured Artwork' on the 'Shop for Art' drop down
  • Dedicated 'Featured Artist' page with a link from 'Artists' drop down
  • Added to 'Featured Artist' listing on the homepage
  • 4 piece's of artwork in the 'Featured Artwork' category shown on the homepage
+ The ability to select your own images from admin.




Payment Options & Listing Details:

Once you have paid I will activate your listing within 24hrs (excluding weekends). To complete you need to:

  • Select your portfolio piece (this can be changed at anytime and will appear under 'Featured Artist') it will be indicated with a 'P' from the main 'View Artwork' page.
  • Select your 'Featured Artwork' (to appear on the 'Featured Artwork' section) to do this go in to your chosen piece and at the bottom select 'Feature this artwork' it will be indicated with an 'F' from the main 'View Artwork' page. (if sold you can select another piece, just deselect this and select another piece)
Featured Listing


Or Pay Per Artwork

Your Featured Piece will show in the following areas:

  • Scroller on the homepage, 20 pieces shown at one time in random order (with a link to 'view all')
  • Scroller on the 'Shop for Art' dropdown (with a link to 'view all')
  • A dedicated 'Featured Artwork' page on the website.


To select your artworks please go to the piece and select 'Feature This Artwork' it will be indicated with an 'F' from the main 'View Artwork' page. - Please note: if the artwork sells within the 30 days we are unable to change to another piece.

Once paid we will activate your featured artwork and add the 'start' and 'end' date which can be viewed from the artwork admin page. Please allow up to 24hrs (excluding weekends)


Number of Pieces



Images of where your artwork will be displayed:

 A dedicated 'Featured Artwork' page on the website.

 Scroller on the homepage (with a link to 'view all')

 Scroller on the 'Shop for Art' dropdown (with a link to 'view all')



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