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Mixed media as an art medium is an endlessly fascinating one. From acrylic paints on shredded paper canvas to watercolour and pen impressions of European landscapes, these paintings are the final result of artists looking to experiment when trying to perfect their collective creative visions.

When hearing the term ‘media’, you could be forgiven for thinking this meant mixed media paintings are a modern-day creation, however the likes of Leonardo da Vinci and William Blake were well known for mixing pastels, drawing techniques and washes in achieving the desired effect.

Modern-day examples of mixed media include incorporating text into conventional paintings, with postminimalism conceptual art scenes across the world continuing to blue the lines between creative mediums.

Famous mixed media artists include David Wightman, who uses acrylic paints over textured wallpaper, and Jenna Douglass, who fuses collage, painting, masking, and drawing to display a mixture of lines and shapes.

Browse our list of mixed media artists’ paintings to see which ones you would like to proudly display.

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