How to Join Art2Arts

As you can appreciate, we focus on customer satisfaction, and this is one of the most important parts of selling artwork.

Along with producing quality work, we also ask the following from you:

  • To respond promptly to emails - delays in replying may result in a missed opportunity
  • Describe your artwork as accurately as possible and take clear photographs
  • You securely package your artwork and deliver within 5 working days from date of order
  • You must update your account as soon as a piece has sold
  • You refresh and update your artwork on a regular basis
  • You update your holiday settings during periods of absence and remove upon return

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Artists Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be exclusive to your gallery?

No we don't expect you to be exclusive and appreciate you will need to sell though other avenues.

What happens when I receive a sale?

You will be emailed as soon as a customer orders through the website. We then ask you login and mark the work as ‘sold’. Once you have arranged delivery you update the dispatch times and tracking details in order for the customer and ourselves to monitor the delivery. We also ask you to include our website's Certificate of Authenticity and the customers invoice. No other documentation is to be included.

What are the charges to sell through Art2Arts?

At Art2Arts we have a selection process. You will therefore be amongst a group of high quality artists and not lost in a mist of hundreds of artists and low quality work. Commission charges are 35%. The commission charge covers the cost of admin, advertising and processing fees. We spend a lot of time promoting your artwork and ensuring that customers can find exactly what they are looking for. There are no other fees or membership charges, so you are only charged if you sell.

When and how am I paid for a sale?

Most of our artists are paid via online banking. Once you receive a sale we will send you a purchase order for the artwork (this will display what you will get for the artwork). Once you have updated dispatch details and the artwork receives the piece and is happy we will arrange payment to you. We pay up to 21 days from delivery, this allows for our 14-day return policy should the customer wish to return the painting for whatever reason. After we pay you we add the details to your admin area so you have a log for your records.

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