How to improve your sales

Ways to increase your exposure & sales

1. Upload on a regular basis

We recommend you upload new artwork on a regular basis in order to keep your gallery fresh and up-to-date and your work will appear in the new artwork under 'shop for art' however we don't recommend relisting old work as these get indexed in search engines and will attract visitors and by re-listing you are losing traffic to that page.

2. Ensure you add international shipping

It's easy to skip past this in the hope that customers will contact you for a shipping quote but in most instances customer want a price there and then and are more like to order if a price is shown. You either use global shipping or per artwork shipping (see help notes in admin)

3. Add a portfolio piece

Make sure you have selected a portfolio piece that is available and you will appear in our A-Z artist section of the website.

4. Add a profile image and biography

Ensure you have a profile image and have updated your biography to the website, people like to read up about the artist they are buying from. We don't accept external links anywhere on the site so please do not add these.

5. Describe your work in detail

People like to know what they are buying and love details. Describe the artwork, your inspiration, the process and materials you used. Don't just say it's 'acrylic on canvas and ready to hang' be creative with the story you're telling people about the piece of work you've lovingly made.

6. Include at least 3-6 clear images

Buying artwork online can be daunting for people that can't see the work up close, so we highly recommend you add multiple images. This should include: a front cropped image, a side image, 1-2 close up images and the artwork either in-situ or in your studio. This really gives customer a feel for what to expect.

7. Add work to the offers section

Everyone loves to feel they are getting a bargain, so if you have work that has been in the studio a while it's worth adding to our 'offers' section of the site, here you can add up to 10 pieces it's also a great way to gain extra exposure on your work.

8. Become a feature artist

Did you know you can increase your exposure substantially with our homepage artist feature, which in many cases increases exposure and sales for artists or you can pay per artwork to be featured if you prefer. Find out more

8. Feature individual artwork

Increase the amount of hits you get to your artwork by adding up to 5 pieces to our homepage 'featured artwork' section. Find out more

9. Write an article for our magazine (blog)

Have an interesting story, or created a piece and want to share the process then why not write an article with images and we will review and if appropriate list on our blog, these often get shared across our social media platform. Send to

10. Share your artwork on social media

Share your artwork on your own social media platforms and include us in the @ and link to Art2Arts and we will re-share with our audience.

11. Link from your website

Add a permanent link to your Art2Arts gallery page from your own website and we'll give you a 4 week free featured artwork listing, just email us once the link has been added: You can either use a text link or use our banner below. Your gallery will be:

12. Create a promotion

You can create your own discount codes to share with your followers on social media within admin, promotions always help encourage sales.

13. Send us a video

Create a 60 second or less video of you discussing your work or showing us a piece you've created or perhaps your studio space, you don't need to edit it just be clear and move the camera slowly and we will upload to our YouTube channel and other social media platforms. Send to