Artist to be Interviewed

Do I need to be good on camera?

No not really, you won't be in the video much as we will show alot of your artwork whilst you are talking. However a clear voice is important.

Who will film me?

You can either set up your camera yourself or ask someone to do it for you. You will then send us all the footage and we'll edit it all into a video.

What do I film?

You can film you talking about your artwork (well send you some questions) you can also film you in your studio working, clips of you painting etc.

What else do I need?

Images of your artwork (however I can get these from the site). You can talk about a particular work and I will show this on the video.

I don't have a camera can I do it another way?

Yes you can set up a recording from your computer if you prefer.

Where should I film myself?

We will send you further details regarding the best places, however in your studio or somewhere well lit is best.

How long will the video be?

You can film up to 20minutes, however we will edit it down to about 2-5minutes depending on the content.

Where will it be promoted?

We will promote your video across all social media as well as on the website and potentially in our newsletter, so there will be plenty of exposure.

We will ask you to approve your video prior to going live to ensure you are 100% happy with it.

Filming Notes:

Where to film

As long as it’s well lit, somewhere you are comfortable. You can either sit or stand. Just ensure you are happy with what is behind you in the frame.


Camera filming

  • Ensure the camera is stable (rather then handheld)
  • Ensure you are not blurred (focus the camera)
  • You will be in the video very little as the focus is your work so don’t worry if you make little visual errors, I can overlay an image.
  • You can film continuous or in short spells, if you do continuous don’t worry about errors I’ll edit these out.


Film Length

You can film up to about 20minutes , however I will only take around 2-5minutes in the video. The more you do, the more I have to play with.

Questions to consider


It’s likely you will have plenty to talk about with your work but here are a few suggestions:

  • What subject matters interest you
  • What process do you go through with your work
  • Where does your inspiration come from
  • Who influences your work (artists etc)
  • What does a typical day in the studio look like
  • What is your art background


I could go on but you get the idea. Try and consider the question when discussing, as there is no interviewer (ie The subjects that interest me the most…..)


Other things to film

As well as filming you discussing your work, you could also film you working in your studio, either moving around and/or working on a piece. You could also do a close up of you painting either an entire piece or a section (I will speed this up and show the viewer for interest)

Please also take photos of you in your studio and just of your studio, perhaps also close ups of your paints or areas of interest.

A good example of clips filmed are shown in these videos (we have edited but you will see what the artist has filmed)



Once complete please send all raw footage to (don't worry if you make slip ups just keep filming, these will be taken out):


Thank you