What to do when you receive a commission

What makes it a commission?

Customers may come to you to create something that is not in your collection. It maybe they have seen a piece and would like a different size or colour. In some cases, artists are happy to accept this on a 'sale or return' basis in that they feel they could re-sell if the customer changes their mind or wishes to return. If they have requested something you feel was either difficult to re-sell or you would be unhappy to accept a return because of the work involved you can take it on as a 'commission'. This would mean we take a 50% non-refundable deposit to cover your materials up-front and the balance on completion.

Point the customer here for more information if they contact you via the website: Commissions

Setting up a commission

You can set up a commission by going to the 'My Artwork' tab and under type of artwork select 'Commission for Specific Customer' and complete the details. You add the below image to the listing and once approved send the customer the link.

The artwork will not appear in main listings so you will need to copy the artwork code on the main 'My Artwork' view and put this in the search box at the top of site.

You can divide the order like this:

Commission for customer first name (deposit)

Commission for customer first name (balance)

You can then send the customer the link to complete payment. If you are unsure please contact us.

What to do once complete

Once you have completed the commission please email cropped photos to: we will then forward the images to the customer to ensure they are 100% happy with the result. Once they've have comfirmed they are happy we will email them the final link to arrange payment.

When can I send the artwork

Once you've received the second (balance) confirmation email of the completed order you can then arrange delivery. Please complete both order with the same tracking details.

When do I get paid.

Once the first payment has been received for the commission we will pay you within 7 working days. You will then receive the second payment within 21 days of delivery once the customer has confirmed they are happy and the work has arrived safely.