Received a Sale

What to do next

1. Login & acknowledge your order

Visit the 'orders' page in admin. On the left you will see a small '+' button next to the order number this will open the order so you can review the details. On the right you will see a big blue button that says 'aknowledge' please click this. This tells us you've received the order and are ready to arrange delivery.

2. Add tracking details

On the day the artwork is shipped please open your order and add the tracking number and courier used and mark 'shipped'.

3. Adding comments

You can add a comment at any time to the order which will be sent directly to us (not the customer) however it's important that you don't add this at the same time as completing another task such as adding tracking details or it will not send.

4. Certificate of authenticity

Please ensure you include the artist certificate with each artwork as this will be expected as advertised on the website.

5. Customer invoice

As the customer is buying direct from you, you are responsible for sending the customer an invoice should they request one. We can send you an example to complete if the customer requests.

No other documentation

Please do not include any other documentation with the artwork sent apart from the above. Please note the customer remains that of Art2Arts and by using our service you agree to this.

Returns or damages

Customers are given 14-days in which to return artwork should they change their mind. If they have simply changed their mind we will arrange free delivery and send the artwork back to you and offer the customer a full refund.

If the artwork has been damaged we will ask the customer to send photos of the damages in order for you to use these to make a claim with the courier company, we will also ask the customer to keep the artwork for a period of 30 days. Should you wish to receive the artwork back you can do so at your own cost. We do not return damaged artwork.

Getting paid

Provided the customer is happy and the 14-day return window has passed you will be paid within 21 working days. We normally pay UK artists via a bank transfer so we will email you when you're due to be paid to request your details. Alternatively please email them on two separate emails to: For international artists we will pay via PayPal and therefore require your PayPal email address.