Sending Artwork

How to package, send and insure

Packaging artwork

Unfortunately artwork can be prone to damages during transit therefore we recommend your artwork is well packaged, covered in fragile tape and fully insured. Here are some basic tips on packing:

Framed, 3D canvas and sculptures

For work that has been framed, on a 3D canvas or a sculpture we advise the work be wrapped in acid free paper, then at least two layers of bubblewrap taped around making sure edges are protected then surrounded by either thick foam board or double corrugated card before placing in either a crate or double corrugated cardboard box. Cover the outside in fragile tape then write 'Fragile please take care' on the box.

Work on paper

For high value works on paper we suggest a reinforced envelope. Wrap the work in acid free tissue paper, ensure you protect the corners with card. Use firm card to place either side for additional protection, followed by bubblewrap. The further secure by adding double corrugated card ensuring the edges are secure and enclosed. Finish with bubblewrap then write 'Fragile please take care' on the box.


For lower value works you can use a mailing tube over 2mm thick, ensure it's slightly longer so the edges don't get damaged. Carefully wrap your print in soft tissue paper before rolling, ensure you don't over roll causing damage to the work, then carefully place in the tube. Secure the cap both ends with tape.

Sending artwork

We strongly advise you use a reputable courier when sending artwork, there are many cheaper alternatives today however many of which are unreliable and are more common to delays and damages therefore it is always best to use a courier with a good reputation.

Please always send your artwork so the customer receives the work within 3-5 working days (unless the work is 'made to order' or you are an international artist in which case the customer is made away it will take longer). We advise again sending on a Friday where it will be sat in a depot over the weekend.

Insuring against damages

We advise our customers that all artwork is fully insured during transit and therefore ask that no artwork be sent without it, if you choose to send artwork without insurance you do so at your own risk and we will always offer the customer either a replacement or full refund should the artwork get damaged.

We do not return damaged artwork and instead ask the artist to keep hold of the work for 30 days in order for you to make a claim.


Ensure you use a service where the work is fully traceable, artwork can easily go missing.

International delivery

For artwork shipped internationally please use a service that supports sending packages Delivery Duty Paid and should be selected to ensure the customer is not billed for duty and import taxes. Please also include any relevant paperwork, including value and purpose of shipment