What is Abstract Art?

This is a question that cannot easily be answered, and that has been debated by art critics the world over. The whole notion of trying to define what makes something 'abstract' is complex.

Abstract art has had a somewhat turbulent history and is often negatively compared to the concept of 'Real Art' (by 'Real Art' I mean an obvious portrayal of something... a house, a person, a field etc). Abstract paintings do not depict objects, people or places in a 'real' sense but represent them in a different way - an abstract way. In the early 20th Century, the term abstract art was used to describe paintings that were simplified and scaled down, keeping the faintest portrayal of their original subject matter.  

A large majority of the work featured on this website is abstract. Original abstract paintings all portray something: a place, nature, a sunset, or a memory in an abstract way. On close inspection it is not too difficult to see the source of inspiration for each piece.

Colour plays an enormous role in abstract art. When shopping for an original art painting one should look at the great detail that has gone into every single brush stroke. Unlike objective art, abstract pieces work harder to delve into the imagination of each spectator, which is why the purchase of an original abstract art painting is very personal. If you can understand a piece of abstract wall art then it is quite simply meant for you.


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