What is Contemporary Art?

Artwork produced since World War II is defined as being 'contemporary'.

In the UK, one collector has dominated the contemporary art market since the 1980s, and that collector is Charles Saatchi. Saatchi has been a force to be reckoned with in the contemporary art market for several decades, and in1985 opened his own contemporary gallery - The Saatchi gallery in London - which is home to some of the most famous contemporary and up-and-coming artists of recent years.

Although contemporary paintings can be enjoyed anywhere, it seems the most popular place to display contemporary art pieces is at work. Corporations and businesses, both large and small, often exhibit a contemporary art painting within their premises, which acts as a great feature for client visits, staff morale and business status. More often than not, a purchase of a contemporary art piece for business purposes tends to lead onto several purchases and thus a small contemporary art gallery is born.