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Still Life art is growing in popularity due its diverse subject matter. A Still Life can be any material object an artist can place in front of them and recreate on canvas. At Art2Arts we host a range of exciting Still Life subjects for you to enjoy.
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Buy still life art

The reason so many people are still choosing to buy still life paintings for their homes to add to a growing art collection or as a special occasion gift is partly due to the incredible array of topics available in this popular genre. It’s naturally evocative and emotive, able to bring to life a favourite place or memory with just a glance. 

From succulent fruits, the result of a day’s fishing or a vase filled with vibrant wildflowers, still life paintings refer to any material object that is motionless and means that the artist is free to capture their essence in their own unique style. 

From realism to abstract, you can buy still life paintings in a variety of styles to suit your personal preference and are sure to find a piece that appeals to you thanks to our relationships with the best up and coming talent currently making a name for themselves in the world of still life art. 

For those seeking still life painting for sale without the high price tag, our collection of pieces from new artists offers the opportunity to buy still life painting direct from the creator at an affordable and accessible price.

With still life paintings for sale available to suit all tastes and budgets, take the time to enjoy our current collection and buy still life paintings with complete confidence from our website for fast, professional artwork shipping courtesy of our specialist courier team. 

The techniques of creating still life paintings

A timeless genre popularised in France in the seventeenth century, still life paintings are often used by artists to comment on the briefness of human existence and worldly pleasures. There are many famous pieces from the likes of Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso and Paul Cézanne which are easily recognisable by art lovers to this day. 

Historians suggest that the first still life painting was created in 1504 by an artist named Jacopo de’Barbari. Since that time, it’s fair to say that very little has changed in principle about this wide ranging genre, with the focus on colour and texture still vitally important. 

Many still life paintings feature objects around the home. Spanish artists coined the term bodegón, which focuses on pantry items such as fruits, vegetables or drinking vessels shown in the kitchen. Still life art tends to be very carefully composed, with the deceptively simple subject allowing the artists to show off their level of skill and mastery.  You’ll usually notice an area of empty space, with the careful addition of elements such as flowers to add texture or a sense of scale to the subject. 

History of still life art

Still life paintings often feature inanimate objects such as fruit, flowers, food and everyday items as their subjects.  Although it’s origins date back to the Middle Ages and Ancient Graeco-Roman times, it wasn’t until the late 16th century that it became popular in Western painting, though is has remained prominent ever since. Famous still life artists include Paul Cezanne (1839 – 1906), Willem Kalf  (1622 – 1693) and Jean-Simeon Chardin (1699-1779).

As a genre, still life has provided artists with the opportunity to explore their relationship with the world and the different objects around them. What is notable is that the inanimate objects featured in still life artwork have changed over time, as the world has evolved. For example, today’s still life artists can feature products that most certainly would not have been invented in Kalf or even Cezanne’s day.

One of the differences between still life paintings and other art forms e.g. landscapes, is that still life gives artists more freedom to arrange the subjects and create their composition.

Today it is common for artists to used mixed media to create still life artwork such as photography, computer graphics, video and sound. The art form is widely appreciated and remains a popular choice with art lovers of all ages.

Buy collage art from Art2Arts

Collage paintings have long been a way for artists to express an opening up of their consciousness to the things that surround them and often have a real statement behind their creative process, so collage artwork has so much more to offer than just a visually striking piece to decorate your home.

Original art collage also tends to be vibrant using a rainbow of colours and materials such as photos and textures to tell a story that can be interpreted differently by all that view it, making them a real talking point in any home, office or even retail space.

When buying collage artwork, you know that you can trust Art2Arts to provide you with the latest artists from across Europe that use illustration, photos and a variety of traditional artistic techniques to create pieces that resonate and inspire.

With the ability to connect lovers of collage painting with the best up and coming artists, Art2Arts are proud to be ambassadors of the latest collage artwork and seek to engage with the freshest talent so that there's always something new and exciting to see on our website.

Furthermore, each piece available on the Arts2Arts website is 100% original and won't be found anywhere else, so you know that you'll receive a totally unique collage painting that contains one of a kind illustrations or photos when you place your order via our safe and secure website.

Simply choose the piece of art collage that speaks to you, and we'll arrange for your latest collage artwork purchase to be delivered directly to your door via our specialist artwork courier service.

For those looking to spread the cost of adding to their collage painting collection, we are also able to offer 0% finance arrangements that make owning exceptional pieces of artwork easier than ever before, so talk to the Art2Arts team today to find out more.

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