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Buy watercolour paintings via Art2Arts

For those seeking the latest watercolour paintings for sale from the comfort of their own home, we have an extensive range of different topics and techniques to offer anyone looking to buy watercolour paintings online and are proud of our relationships with fresh new artistic talent that choose watercolour paintings as their medium of choice. 

From sun-dappled forest walks where birds sing their happy chorus to moody, storm-filled skies that convey emotion and energy of the natural world, we have a unique piece to suit all tastes and budgets in our current collection of watercolour paintings for sale.

Simply buy your chosen watercolour paintings direct from our online gallery, and our expert team will arrange the collection of your purchase from the artist and ensure that it reached your address in perfect ready to hang condition. 

Watercolour technique

If you like to support the independent art community, there’s no better way than to proudly display their artworks across your home, being a great conversation starter when friends and family inevitably ask, “Who painted this?”. Watercolour painting has long been treasured by the art community and fans alike as a paint medium which is best for capturing fine, intricate detail of a variety of subjects, whether it be of people, nature, or sporting events.

The thin wash and transparent colour effects of painting by water colour is made possible by adding pigments mixed with water, which gives artists plenty of scope to work with when it comes to how they want their finished painting to look in terms of overall textural effect.

Many artists find joy in some of the unexpected creative results of painting in watercolour, with the ease in colour mixing and application also making it an extremely transportable paint medium and is why you will often see many watercolour artists sketching outdoors in plain sight. 

Take a closer look at our watercolour paintings available below, and find you next favourite piece of inspiring artwork.

History of watercolours

When thinking of some of the more famous watercolour paintings, and while there are plenty to choose from, it’s difficult not to think of either Vincent van Gogh’s ‘The Starry Night’, Claude Monet’s ‘San Giorgio Maggiore at Dusk’, or any number of J.M.W. Turner paintings.  

In the period encompassing the Stone Age, we begin to see a basic form of watercolour painting emerge where created on the walls of caves, making this genre of art as old a civilisation itself.

Using paint pigments suspended in water, watercolour paintings have dominated Asian art for centuries and yet only became a popular artistic medium in the western world as late as the 18th century, where it was largely confined to preparatory sketches. 

Now, artists from around the world choose to create their pieces using this versatile medium thanks to the various colour tones and varied atmospheric effects that can be achieved by staining wet canvas or paper with varying amounts of colour pigments to achieve the effect they have been seeking. 

Buy drawings from Art2Arts

From charcoal original drawings that capture the very spirit of the animal kingdom to highly detailed graphite drawings for sale that show the emotion of people or places, a variety of materials are used to create these stunning pieces with ink. Oil and pastel also make an appearance in some of our unusual artwork drawing pieces. 

Our drawings for sale have been carefully selected by the Art2Arts team who spend countless hours forging relationships with the best artists from across the UK and Europe, so you can find original drawings in charcoal, pastel or graphite created by real talent from the comfort of your own home. 

A reputable space to enjoy original drawings and to buy drawings online, Art2Arts has built up an enviable reputation for quality, exceptional service and the ability to promote the best artistic talent from across the UK and beyond.

Browse our latest collection of drawings for sale below and discover pieces that resonate with you to add to your growing collection or simply to adorn the walls of your home or office.

Thanks to the Arts Council England's Own Art interest-free loan scheme, we make owning original drawings more affordable than ever before and make financing your latest piece simple and straightforward. Just choose your favourite drawings for sale, and our team will be happy to guide you through the process so you'll have a new artwork drawing ready to hang in no time. 

Thanks to our dedicated artwork drawing delivery service, we also ensure that any drawings for sale are delivered UK wide and internationally in perfect condition, so you can buy drawings online from Art2Arts with total confidence. 

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