Cinzia Mancini

Based in United Kingdom
I am a self taught Expressionist and Abstract artist, I can't live without painting as it is my first passion since I was a child.I love to improve my work day by day , explore the world of nature where I can loose myself easily . My main subjects are flowers as they remind me of my childhood with my grandmother, she had a beautiful garden in Rome (Italy) full of flowers like roses, hydrangeas and lilies... I work with acrylics, inks and oils. My work involves a variety of materials and media, I love to make my paintings very thick and give them a touch of magic. I am not able to paint without love, when I paint I immerse myself into the canvas in the colours, there is no better place to feel my soul... My paintings have been shipped all over the world , Australia,Canada Italy,Spain,Germany ,UK,USA,France and many more countries. I know certainly that each of my paintings will find the best home and an owner that will love them like I do.
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