Kasia Kaldowski

Based in Poland
Studied Glass and Ceramics as well as Art Curating in London’s Central Saint Martins, and following that completed her studies in printmaking techniques and web design. In her paintings she experiments with different techniques. From paintings inspired by Turner landscapes or seascapes to animals painted on mulberry tissue. From traditional to concept and back, she uses different styles to best reflect the mood of the image or the message that she wants to convey. Having had over 50 exhibitions, she exhibited, among others, in the Mall Galleries, Landmark Art Centre, Campbells of London, POSK, The Galleria in Pall Mall as well as a number of galleries in in Poland. Although curating for herself and her husband for a number of years, in 2009 she was entrusted to organise a group exhibition for the Association of Polish Artists in Great Britain to commemorate (with a modern twist) the famous Polish artists from the beginning of the XX century ('Legacy'). Member of:Kasia Kaldowski painting in her home in Westerham photo Free Painters and Sculptors (UK) Association of Polish Artists (UK) London Global Art Village British Women Artists (UK) (semi-finalist in their 2009 and 2010 open competitions)

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