New Artist

Get started with our new artist checklist

1. Have you read our T&C's

It's important you read our terms and conditions for joining our website, these can be found here: artist terms & conditions

2. Fully set up your profile

Please ensure you complete all sections of the profile section including:

1. Your full name and email

2. Address and phone number

3. Your biography about you and your work (no links permitted)

4. A profile image of you

3. Add a portfolio piece

Make sure you have selected a portfolio piece that is available and you will appear in our A-Z artist section of the website and the new artist section.

4. Uploaded at least 4 artworks

We recommend you upload at least 4 artworks as a minimum to get started.

5. Set up international shipping

It's important to set up shipping either globally or per artwork to help boost your international sales. For more help with this please see: Global shipping or Per artwork shipping

6. Read our article on 'how to improve your sales)

For extra tips to give you a headstart we recommend you read our article: Improve your sales

Become a feature artist

Did you know you can increase your exposure substantially with our homepage artist feature, which in many cases increases exposure and sales for artists or you can pay per artwork to be featured if you prefer. Find out more