Artist Help Page

New Artist Checklist

As a new artist you need to make sure you have completed the following:

  • Read and understood our Artist Terms & Conditions
  • Set up your profile by adding
    • your personal details
    • changed your password
    • added a profile image & biography 
    • added at least 4+ artworks


Adding your Profile Photo & Biography

To add your profile photo and biography go to the 'My Details' tab in admin and scroll to the bottom. No links are permitted to be used in your biography.


Adding Artwork

To add new artwork go to the 'My Artwork' tab, select 'Type of Artwork' and 'Add new Artwork' and complete all fields.

Some points to remember when adding new artwork:

  • Be as descriptive as possible
  • Select only the appropriate categories for your artwork (notify us if your work does not fit into any)
  • Set up your shipping (we get many international customers)
  • You add images and ensure you select 'main image' using the radio button


All artwork will go for review before being enabled onto the website, and each time you make a change they will again go for review.


Adding Images

Please ensure when adding images:

  • Your 'main image' if a front view and cropped and in sort order 1
  • You select your 'main image' using the radio button
  • Your images do not exceed 12mb or between 800 - 1600px high/wide
  • Images are not blury
  • You add between 2 - 8 images (we'd suggest 1x front, 1x side, 1-3x close)
  • You label your images (helps people searching)
  • If framed please crop out the frame for the main image and add this as an additional image


Setting up Shipping Rates  

You can set up shipping globally or per artwork or both. For help on setting these up please see:

How to set up global shipping rates

How to set up per artwork shipping rates


Setting Up or Accepting a Commission

Customers may come to you to create something that is not in your collection. It may be they have seen a piece and would like a different size or colour. In some cases artists are happy to accept this on a 'sale or return' basis in that they feel they could re-sell the artwork if the customer changes their mind or wishes to return. If they have requested something you feel was either difficult to re-sell or you would be unhappy to accept a return because of the work involved you can take it on as a 'commission'. This would mean we take a 50% non-refundable deposit to cover your materials up-front and he balance on completion.

Point the customer here for more information if they contact you via the website: Commissions

How this works

You can set up a commission by going to the 'My Artwork' tab and under type of artwork select 'Commission for Specific Customer' and complete the details. You add the below image to the listing and once approved send the customer the link.

The artwork will not appear in main listings so you will need to copy the artwork code on the main 'My Artwork' view and put this in the search box at the top of site.

You can divide the order like this:

Commission for customer first name (deposit)

Commission for customer first name (balance)

You can then send the customer the link to complete payment. If you are unsure please contact us.

Accepting Offers

If you are prepared to accept offers for a particular artwork, please enter an offer price -15% or more off the original.

  • Offers at or above your set offer price will automatically be accepted and the customer can checkout straight away.
  • Offers 10% below your offer price will automatically be declined.
  • Anything in between will be submitted to you for review.

Please note that offer prices will not be displayed when this piece is on special offers.


Special Price Settings

We recommend you add no more than 10 pieces to be on sale at the same time. To be included on our 'Special Offers' page, please reduce by 15% or more.

Once a special price is added you can then select a start date for your discount price, this will be on our 'special offers' page and discounted for 14 days. Once saved you will be unable to change dates and cannot set a new discount date for at least 14 days.

Enhance your Listing

If you would like to feature your artwork on the homepage and top searches please see Featured Listing for more details.


Hiding Artwork when in exhibition

You can hide your artwork from the website whilst it exhibition by selecting 'No' under 'show on website' which is located under the main heading 'Availability'. If you wish to hide all artwork you can go to the 'My Details' tab in admin and under 'Holiday Mode' you can select 'Disable Products'


Holiday Settings

When you go on holiday or have time off you can set your account to holiday mode, to do this go to 'My Details' and under 'Holidays' you can select either to notify customers on availability or remove your artwork. Please also enter the end date and your artwork will automatically revert back to normal. We recommend adding an end date rather than disabling artwork so customers can still see your work.

What to do when you Receive a Sale

When you receive a sale please login into your account and view your order by opening it (+). Please aknowledge the order and then add shipping details once you arrange delivery.

See more on this

Basket adds & Hits - What do they mean

Hits on your artwork is anyone that has selected to look at your artwork and lands on the actual page.

Basket adds is when someone has added your artwork to their basket but then for what ever reason has not completed the sale. This is sometimes part of the buying process and they may return to buy at a later date.

Loyalty Points

How to earn points to feature your artwork

  • Register a customer account where you will automatically be awarded 80 points (£2).
  • Invite your friends and family to Art2Arts and earn 400 points (£10) on their first order.
  • Log into your customer account and start sharing artwork (yours or others), if someone follows the link and orders you will again earn 400 points.

How to use my reward points?

You can use your points against 'featured artist' or 'featured artwork' for homepage listings. See more about features or you can use against buying artwork of course! Just contact us when you want to redeem your points.

Closing your Account

If you decide to leave and would like your account closing, please email us:


How to add your profile photo & biography


How to add artwork


How to set up shipping rates




Can I change my featured artwork shown on 'Artists' page?

At the moment this cannot be changed and the system will pick up your artwork, however we will be changing this in the near future so you can select your own piece.

How do I change my name on the website?

Please contact us if you wish to change your name, as we also have to change the URL key for the site.

I can't view the sale I have received?

When you go to 'Orders' and scroll down you will see on the left a little + if you click on this it will expand the order so you can view details. See: Receiving a Sale for more help on this.

When do I get paid for a sale?

Payments are made up to 21 days from the date the artwork was delivered. We will contact you when payment is due for your bank details in order to make a bank transfer if we do not already have these.


Why won't my images load?

Please ensure your images do not exceed 1mb and are not more than 1500px high or wide.

























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